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Latest Update for DLL Suite License on February 02,:
Now you can receive your license for free by recommending and sharing DLL Suite. For details, please see How to share DLL Suite to get License for free.



From Sep 01, 20 11, DLL Suite users will have chance to get our free license code as we are ready to release 10 FREE license codes at 00:00:00 GMT every day.

With these free licenses, DLL Suite will be activated and FREE for 10 DLL Suite users. These 10 DLL Suite users can use the activated version to download missing DLL files, fix DLL errors, fix EXE errors, fix SYS errors and fix corrupted files.

DLL Suite is an advanced Microsoft Windows DLL error fixer designed to fix the problems and errors with DLL files for your Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. DLL Suite allows you to fix the errors like "File kernel32.dll Not Found", run32.dll is missing", "Cannot Find ntdll.dll File" and other Windows DLL errors. (For more information, please see How to fix common DLL errors using DLL Suite.)

To get these 10 free license codes, please visit www.dllsuite.com and click Free License tab to reach this page.

As there are thousands of visitors come to our website, we suggest that you download DLL Suite first and take the following steps to open Registration Box before it is too late.

  1. Download, install and run DLL Suite, http://www.dllsuite.com/Download.html
  2. Click About menu
  3. Click Enter License button, and then you will see the Registration Box
  4. Copy the license code from this page and paste it onto the Registration Box
  5. Click Activate Now button to activate DLL Suite.

List of 10 free DLL Suite license codes:
ACB38699E134 20 1F2E182E1667D569F8041466D24AC25CDD58B946ED36
56WS9F8041466D24ACF65FB0ACB38699E134 20 1F2F28013DC6559E61

How to Copy and Paste:
Press ' Ctrl ' and ' C ' to copy License Key.
Press ' Ctrl ' and ' V ' to paste the License Key into the register screen of Dll Suite to activate the free evaluation version.

For details, please see How to register DLL Suite.

If you receive one of the following messages after clicking Activate Now button, it means that the license code was already used by one of the DLL Suite users.

  • 1. License code is invalid.
  • 2. Licese code is used on another computer.
  • 3. Can't connect with the host, registration failute. ( Please check your Internet connection. )
  • If the case is like this, please wait for our another new 10 free license codes next day.


    You can purchase DLL Suite to AUTOMATICALLY Fix Windows Errors. All purchases are protected by our 30 days money back guarantee.

    We hope that DLL Suite can help fix your Windows errors and speed up your PC.


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