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How to Repair Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

When your PC is inappropriately operated or system crashing happens, computer would restart itself automatically. Blue screen of death actually is a mark to remind users where has occurred an error or maybe express to you the reason to this blue screen and restart. Technically speaking, system has self-fix function and would try to recover all the errors and problems when you start it again. But what we see is always the exception of this function.

The reasons could be of hardware or software. Hardware won't be the only factor that could arouse blue screen. When the reason comes to software, you can use the latest updated anti-virus software have a whole scanning for any possible file which may be infected by virus or Trojan. And check if it will work if you change your new drive to the last used normal one. if it's the hardware problem, make sure your radiating is OK and not overheated. You also need to check out whether computer memory is running well.

There are several points for you to prevent blue screen of death:

1. Backup important registry files at regular intervals.

2. Try to avoid abnormal shutdown to reduce the possibility of important files' loss

3. Don't ever want to upgrade the main component's drive like motherboard and graphics card if you are not an expert.

4. Using DLL Suite to check your system file frequently so as to avoid system errors.

However, if blue screen happens right at the startup of PC, it probably is because of hardware. So you'd better find your PC a professional. Specific to blue screen of death, here are some tips from which may find what cause your PC screen blue without suggestions from expert.

1. Piracy system: If you are using piracy system, change it to legitimate copy.

2. If blue screen just showed once and then back to normal, then it's probably fixed by system.

3. It is caused by virus, and then you need to use anti-virus software first and take advantage of DLL Suite to fix all the mistakenly deleted system files by anti-virus software.

4. Memory bank has an issue of compatibility, suggest to change a new memory

5. The CPU/memory usage is too high and can't make more room for further calculation.

6. System files missing or lost, this can be caused by virus and Trojan and mistaken operation like forced shutdown and other reasons. DLL Suite has specialized functions to scan, find and download missing files to its default position in both automatic way and free download way.

From what have been mentioned above, we can see reasons of blue screen is really a lot and I don't think normal PC users can handle it really well. So DLL Suite is an essential fixer for you. It has the ability to prevent blue screen's happening (exclude hardware problem). And once blue screen happens it would certainly help you find out what file is going wrong and fix it immediately. DLL Suite has one specialized tool called Dashboard right on the interface of DLL Suite. And you just need to click it to scan and fix all the listed error files. BSOD would be settled incredibly easy. It has integrated as many solutions for PC error as possible in order to realize the purpose of making users' computer life more convenient and enjoyable.

Besides any suggestions from you will be highly valued and your voice would be our guide.

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