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Any error with different dll files on Windows is better handled with DLL Suite.

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A better way to fix all Windows dll files

If a Windows Dll file is corrupted, users will see any number of PC errors. These files are capable of managing various elements on Windows. These are applications, updates, services and basic functions like the various Boot modes. Users may get an idea about these issues from the system itself. Typically Windows relays messages about system errors. Here they will find the faulty dll files mentioned as well. The bigger part of these problems includes questions over:

How to run a Dll files.

Where are these files supposed to go.

How to stop a defective Dll files from running.

What to use to register the files on Windows.

Finding Dll file errors on Windows that are fixable:

All these concerns had hit Lorraine Brown too. She had to repair many dll files on the Windows XP computer. The occurrence of another BSOD issue forced her to look at the Windows Event Viewer. With some help, she had accessed the logs that make a record of all errors as they happen. Most of the issues found here had been created by modules. The most frequent issue appeared to be on the CA antivirus. Lorraine uninstalled the antivirus and removed trace files saved on its installation folder on the C drive. Next were the other files connected to the BSOD, a run32dll.exe.

Using Dll repair tool over Windows System Utilities:

Lorraine had run the system file checker scan that had been advised of this PC issue. This scan only fixed a fraction of the dll files. It didn't even come close to repairing this run32dll.exe file at all. She thought about removing the services or components that were dependent on the file. The antivirus had already been removed from Windows. So Lorraine moved onto the Windows Services. She made note of every service that appeared on the Event logs. The properties settings on each of them were readjusted. Each Service was then rebooted - this would help with locating a faulty one.

These measures did not repair the dll files. She proceeded on installing DLL Suite for the last part of the troubleshooting. All of corrupted Dll files would be fixed getting them reinstalled using the tool. This is a Dll repair software package that was ideally meant for beginners like this client. Apart from being able to download files, it featured a guide on how to install the files. This was a full and comprehensive tool that covered a broad number of Dll errors.

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