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A brief account of the svchost exe file related errors

We come up with customers complaining about issues that are caused by the svchost exe file. In these cases, we suggest that they should not try the tools that they find free of cost or try the most popular, tried and tested error fixing steps. This is simply because the issues get too complicated to be solved by them.

Application errors on Windows

Regardless of the version of Windows used, we find that sometimes some users are not able to start up applications. As soon as they try to run them, they get an error message. It says error 0xc0000096 occurred in the system at 0x77309bc1 location.

This is something that happens when the svchost exe file is either missing or not found or has a bad command or file name. It happens when there is a faulty download or a malware or virus attack, which has acted upon the executable file, dislodging it.

Error while shutting down Windows

Sometimes, we come across complaints, wherein some customers claim that they are not able to shut down the Windows in a proper way. As soon as they try to shut down, the system crashes out and sometimes even returns BSOD or blue screen error. This happens when there is the svchost exe file is either missing, or has gone into conflict with the Windows Registry files. This results in a typical registry error, for which registry needs to be cleaned.

System Error stopping Windows from running

Sometimes, gamers complain that they are not able to launch games, more so after they have upgraded from a lower version of Windows to Windows 10. As soon as they try to start the games, they complain that they get a Fatal System error. Along with that they also get an error message, which says the game cannot start as the MSVCP110.dll and the svchost exe files are either missing or not found. Sometimes it comes with UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP error.

The missing svchost.exe and MSVCP110.dll files stops results in mismatched or faulty memory, for which the kernel develops an irrecoverable error, resulting in this error.

What is the solution after all?

We suggest that these people, instead of beating around the bush, need to turn to DLL Suite, the best tool designed specifically to take on these svchost exe file related errors.

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