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A process to fix DLL errors

DLL errors can appear at any moment of using a computer. It may appear at the time of starting up; it may occur when you are playing any games, you may also see it at the time of shutting down your system. Each and every computer application needs DLL files. Without DLL files, a program cannot run. So, alongside the times mentioned previously, you can also come across DLL errors while running any application.

You may feel that by following some manual troubleshooting, you will be able to get rid of the issues caused by DLL errors. But DLL errors should be handled carefully as these are shared files. A Single mistake while doing a manual repair can cause some more errors to pop up. To fix DLL errors successfully, you will definitely need to install a dedicated tool that is specified to solve these kinds of troubles.

Rundll error on Windows XP:

You may have heard or faced Rundll errors on your PC. The errors appear at the time of starting up a computer. Rundll errors are a way of telling you that there are some files that are left in the registry when the program using these files may already have been deleted. You may see the dkbjausr.dll file error. You can click the OK button and login normally.

But afterward, you may find out that some programs such as Internet Explorer are not running properly. There may be some features that are lacking from the application. The only way you can fix DLL error is to invest in a dll repair tool.

AOL Desktop crashes:

AOL Desktop is an Internet Suite that consists of three applications. The applications are a web browser, a media player and an instant messenger. If you are using AOL Desktop on your HP computer that has Windows 7 installed, then you may frequently witness multiple crashes. AOL Desktop may shut down as if the close button has been clicked. You cannot close or minimize any other windows that are opened. The only way you can close all the programs is by running Task Manager.

If you can manage to see the AOL launch system information, you will find that you have the Coolcore60.dll errors. You may reinstall AOL Desktop in order to repair dll problems, but it is not guaranteed that the errors will not occur after that.

Error while using Outlook 2003:

Outlook is a popular application used for emailing. It has some other features too that provide you with varied usage. However, it is possible that sometimes when you use Outlook, you may come against some error messages. One of these troubles does not let you read the contents of an email, though the email can be opened as usual. You may be informed that the error is happening because of the faulting modules Windowsd2d1.dll and the Windowscodecsext.dll. These files may be corrupted or may be not supported by the current Operating System.

Besides, you may also be asked to reinstall the program using original installation media. But you know that you have the original program installed already. You may even try to repair dll problem with the help of System File Checker. But the SFC log will report that the corrupted files cannot be repaired because SFC can repair only some minor issues and not such great problems.

System Restore failure:

You must already know that System Restore feature lets you bring back your PC to an earlier, specific point in time when the system has been running smoothly. It helps you to recover your machine from any system breakdown.

If you are one who uses System Restore option hugely, then you become an expert in doing so. But one sudden day you may find out that the feature is not working anymore. As many times as you may try you end up with DLL errors each time. You may get information about the corrupted MpAsDesc.dll.mui and MsMpRes.dll files as the causes of the failure to do a System Restore. You must positively want to solve dll issues as early as possible.

How would you solve the complications:

The difficulties may seem well-known to you or it may sound new. Whatever the situation may, at some stage of using a computer you may realise that you have also come across one of these issues. What will you do then? You may try to troubleshoot the problem like any other person. In reverse, you can be wise enough to install DLL Suite that is ready to resolve dll issues in a moment.

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