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Users can't really say that they are prepared for handling Dll file errors on Windows. Those who are new to this term - Dll files are a computer element that helps to run the Windows computer. This can be anything from the applications, the system and even services such as the updates. Errors can take place on these files. The only problem is that they occur suddenly and are practically uncontrollable at times. From the technical stand point, the files that cause system issues are said to be corrupted. Many events or activities carried out by the users or the system can corrupt a Dll file. They can fix dll errors by determining the Windows PC events that cause them:

Installing an updates or upgrading the system in any other way. Some users have observed Dll errors on the computer after installing a new operating system.

Setting up or running some application on Windows. This can vary depending on the software's compatibility, corrupted installer and files.

Using the system's own functions too. Boot up, shut down, Alternative Power modes, desktop modes and customisations.

Dll file issues when booting up Windows:

The Run Dll errors are the ones that are found when booting or starting up Windows. They're what one will see if there is an issue that is already on the PC. A user also had one such error on a laptop too. It was an error message on the screen that didn't affect the way Windows loaded. It read that:

There was a problem on with starting up one Dll file installed on the System 32 folder.

The error termed that file as a missing module.

It did not provide any help with troubleshooting the error.

They wanted to fix dll error on their own. He had searched for it via the Registry Editor and on the Primary drive mentioned. The file wasn't on either system locations. Strangely, his laptop seemed to work without it. He just couldn't get rid of these persistent boot errors.

Adding and removing applications corrupt Dll files:

Most users are in the habit of installing and removing too many programs. His Windows 7 computer was never optimised on a regular basis to clean up residual files. The build-up of such files from various programs finally created an ntdll.dll error. The problem was with the Office 2002 program installed on the computer. It had worked fine till a couple of day back when he opened Office Outlook. The email had suddenly has to be closed because of an error that froze it:

The message stated a Faulting Application error on an outlook.exe file.

This executable files could not loaded because of an ntdll.dll module.

It described series of error codes and the location of the files as well.

They did look up how to repair dll problems. Most solution told him to apply the Windows file repair utilities which they did. These tools did not find any corruptions on any of the system files.

Dll files get damaged when installing new system upgrades:

A few people did require help to repair dll problem on Windows 8.1. The problem here is that one file was missing from the system. The last alteration they had made previous to it was to move up to the Windows 8.1 build. After that they would get the same error about a logilda.dll file. This file was located on the start-up list and then disabled from there itself. When the error continued, some had proceeded to delete the file. All references of this file had to be removed from the Registry. They could do that using the Registry Editor. Unfortunately there were over fifty such files on the PC. Was they supposed to delete specific files or all of them together?

What is advised for any damaged Dll file:

Here are three PC events that are controlled by Dll files. These people had found that the errors prevented them from using the computer normally. To get their system back to the normal working condition, they would have to repair the Dll file. There's a simple process to do this, but users rarely get it right:

Replace the Dll file shown on the error. It's the only way to repair a corrupted File on Windows.

An exact copy has to be installed on the computer using complex actions and the regsvr32 on the command prompt.

Using this tool to repair Dlls is much easier:

Users often forget that they have to delete the original Dll file. That is the file with the corruptions on it. Then they might download the wrong file or one that isn't genuine. One can avoid all of this using DLL Suite to resolve dll issues. This tool is the best technical help that anyone can rely on to:

Get genuine Dll files for use on Windows only.

Search for the Dll file that they require right away.

Install it in under a few minutes on the right place.

Fix all kinds of dll errors on home computers or laptops.

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