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Address the Atikmdag sys error with the help of a fixer tool

What do you do when your system crashes? You wait for it to restart and then you continue with your work. But, have you given a thought about fixing such issues. The BSOD event occurs if the system has some problem and the PC automatically restarts itself. For finding a solution of the blue screen problem, a read through this article will certainly be helpful.

BSOD issue in Windows 8.1

If you are working with the Windows 8.1 system, then the computer might have the BSOD issue. It may occur all of a sudden as you are working with a program. Here, the screen turns blue and along comes the Atikmdag sys error. The error says that it is a System_Service_Exception issue. If you neglect the problem, then the BSOD event will continue and the system will start crashing randomly, which again is not good. Some may advise you that the problem is related to graphic drivers. However, uninstalling and reinstalling the graphic drivers won't help much. To troubleshoot the problem, the corrupted atikmdg.sys (system file) needs to be fixed.

BSOD event hits Windows 7

While working on the new Windows 7 64 bits Operating System, the problem might start after you try playing games on the PC. The WoW (World of WarCraft) might be a great game, but you may find the system to suddenly freeze and the screen changing colors and turning grey or black. After about a minute or so, the BSOD event will hit the screen. The screen will turn blue and the Atikmdag sys error will also come up along with it. Well, this issue might occur anytime. The BSODs event may occur as you are watching video clips, playing games or using the Internet Explorer or Firefox. To resolve the issue, rebooting the system and starting the PC in Safe Mode is redundant.

System crashes during start-up

When you start the PC after a minute or so, the system might crash. The screen turns blue with the Atikmdag sys error and then again the PC takes a restart. This issue might happen every day in the morning and it needs to be stopped. Looking into the free software 'WhoCrashed' you can analyze that the issue was caused due to the atikmdag.sys file. This issue is probably a driver related problem.

BSOD issue in a new laptop

Yes, this may sound absurd, but the blue screen can cause crashes in a new laptop as well. The new Lenovo laptop may work absolutely fine. But, issues may occur as the month old system encounters frequent system crashes. At this point doing a bug analysis is required to get to the root of the problem. It can then be apprehended that the issue was probably caused by the Atikmdag sys error. To fix this problem manually would demand you to edit the registry, which should be manually avoided. A better way to solve the issue would be to opt for a professional fixer.

The best dll fixer tool

To get rid of the BSOD problems in the system, one needs to download the professional fixer tool. Especially, if you are facing issues related to the Atikmdag sys error, then the DLL Suite is certainly the best and the most preferable option among all others. It will not only help you to fix the BSOD issues, but also enables to replace registry files, while at the same time repairs corrupted system files in the Windows registry. Install this software and get rid of system hangs, screen freezing, system crashes and so on.

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