Kernel32 dll not found

The only tool you can rely upon is DLL Suite and it has been designed in a way that you shall no longer have to worry about experiencing Kernel32.dll file is missing specific issues.

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Now more than ever, efficient and cost-effective troubleshooting demands a good level of understanding about the system hardware and OS, along with the error symptoms and diagnostics. Moreover; implementation of any fixing methodology involves different set of steps such as - verifying what has actually gone wrong, identifying and locating the exact cause behind the trouble, correcting the issue, ensuring that the problem has been corrected and following-up with the set of future precautionary measures. The same holds true if you are deliberating on the singular aspect as what could be the best way of being able to tackle a fault explicitly related to Kernel32.dll was not found. This is a fault which can seldom be eliminated by means of getting the required version of the Dynamic Link Library file, downloading it and placing it under the correct directory. This is the reason that dealing with an identical type of an issue is all the more difficult.

Installation of Microsoft Office OneNote 2013 Fails to Happen

Let's run down through some of the key issues which could severely impact the overall performance of the system and even at times turn the system into nothing more but one type of a mechanical junk. In one common case, it is observed that no matter how much of an effort is necessarily put in; still Microsoft Office OneNote 2013 simply fails to complete its installation process in the expected way. The message, which remains associated with this particular sort of a fault, explicitly says something like - "the procedure entry point SetWaitableTimerEx could not be located in the dynamic library kernel32.dll". This sort of a fault categorically related to Kernel32 dll was not found is perceived on a system loaded with a new version of Windows Vista Ultimate as well.

Google Chrome Fails to Launch

It is a well-known fact that today's computers are capable of guaranteeing astounding performance. In case, you still doubt the same, simply take a look at any popular 3D game such as Quake III and Unreal and your concerns shall be put to rest in no time. However; at most times than not, it happens that because of procedural entry errors, in no way is Google Chrome able to complete its launch process. The error message, which gets highlighted on the screen, says something like - "It is quite evident that the procedural entry point GetOverly could not be traced in the dynamic link library, ie; Kernel32 not found". A series of steps involving un-installation and reinstallation of Google Chrome several number of times hardly shall let you to tide across a similar type of the fault. This issue gets highlighted while attempting to launch Iobit Uninstaller or at random times when certain programs are necessarily launched. But, more noticeably this sort of an issue flares-up while attempting to launch Google Chrome.

Installation of Microsoft Office 2010 Gets Stalled

Even after the successful completion of Microsoft Office 2010, at most times than not, you may observe that the installation process gets stalled midway. In a similar case, the error message getting displayed clearly states that - "The Procedure entry point K32 GetProcessImageFileNameW failed to be located in the dynamic link library as Kernel32 dll is missing from your computer".


If you are experiencing the fault explicitly related to Kernel32.dll is missing for the first time, then do not delay. Simply use DLL SUITE and let the rest of the fixing strategy happen automatically.

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