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A Windows 7 missing DLL can be replaced or reinstalled easily by using dll repair tool - DLL Suite.

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All Windows 7 missing DLL requires a one-stop solution

Average users might not be aware of the work that Dll files do. They're essential for running just about every program on the PC. These dll files can mysteriously disappear from the registry where they're installed. Malicious files like viruses and malware can are a reason behind this missing file error. It's suggested to run a thorough scan through the computer to get rid of the viruses. Then one can get down to repairing the file. If a program or an update has corrupted the file, then it should be repaired using other means. The safest way to fix Windows 7 missing DLL files is to know why it's there in the first place. But how does one identify a missing Dll file error on this system?

Poor performance of Windows due to DLL errors:

Lambert's computer would slow down a lot. He had scanned his PC using AVG and the Windows Defender. This Windows Defender took more time to scan Windows and always froze on one wiavideo.dll file. John had to switch off the computer each time this happened. Next he had installed the Microsoft's Security Scanner tool, but saw this same pattern when using it. He didn't know what the file was and whether it could be deleted. These scanners had trouble reading the file because it was corrupted. He learned about this only on rebooting the PC the next day to use it. There was a Windows 7 DLL missing error on the screen. John had:

Rebooted the computer into the safe mode.

Started up the system file checker to scan for this file.

Not been able to replace that Dll file using this Windows File checker.

DLL files get damaged on installing new programs:

The DLL missing Windows 7 error Owen had was on a working PC. She had not seen any other issues on it till she installed a program. This was a third party program that installed correctly. When she loaded it, she saw an error that a rapi.dll file was missing. Rebecca found some updates that could be installed for this program. These updates were also supposed to fix that Dll error too. Installing a program changes some part of the registry. New Dll files are added onto it for the programs own use. Rebecca had already tried to:

Install the updates meant exclusively for this program.

Added new updates for the Windows system.

Reinstalled the program again on a different folder.

Systems that aren't optimized develop Dll issues:

Wilcox computer wasn't maintained with a good PC cleaning tool. So the next time he booted it, he saw this DLL is missing Windows 7 problem. This error only said that some program couldn't start because an imm32.dll file was missing. The only help that it advised on was reinstalling the file. He saw this message only when using some components on the PC. Obviously, they were controlled by some files too:

A logonui.exe file that managed the Windows Log in process.

An explorer.exe when navigated throughout the PC using the Windows Explorer pane.

The dwm.exe when using the Windows Desktop Manager to customize the desktop.

Users are not prepared for such errors:

These are three very different reactions to missing Dll files on Windows 7. Users only become aware of these DLL files missing Windows 7 issues once they are triggered by system activities. The only way that these clients could get their computers working again was to fix the error - DLL not found Windows 7. They can do this in many ways such as:

Load the Windows Disc and run the repair options from it.

Run the system file checker tool to replace the files on the PC.

Both of these sources provide new copies of the corrupted Dll files. These utilities reinstall the file automatically and can even find other problems with other files. They are limited in that they can't replace all Dll files. This is especially true for the files used by third party applications, Dll file corrupted by malware, other unknown causes that can't be determined immediately, and duplicate entries on the registry.

An all in one solution that's good for any Dll file:

Since this is where these clients had found themselves, they installed a tool to help them out. They chose DLL Suite for fixing the .dll missing Windows 7 error on their computers. It was a better choice for them because this fixer tool installed easily on Windows 7 and was compatible with it. It only took a matter of seconds to download the authentic DLL files that they required. It was the only other fix that they could use in place of system utilities. They only had to search for the files using the tool. Reinstalled just those files quickly and got their systems running again.

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