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An unbeatable way to fix the rundll32.exe error

If you are wondering how to fix the rundll32.exe file, then it is also important to know what it does to help the system function smoothly. This file is an executable file and a part of the Operating System. This file along with dll (Dynamic Link Library) files enables a program to run. To know more, you may read through this write-up and enlighten yourself.

Issues related with Windows 7

Your computer will run smoothly devoid of any issues, but problems may start after you make a driver update. Well, this did happen with many and it has been seen that after updating the NVIDIA driver, the rundll32.exe starts crashing randomly. To resolve the problem you may try uninstalling all the software from the system, but the issue will persist. After a thorough research, it can be apprehended that you may need to fix the rundll32.exe. To fix this issue, it is important to clean the corrupted Windows registry.

Errors during games

If you love playing games like Need for Speed Carbon, then make sure the rundll32.exe file should not bother you. Yes, such a thing might occur when the error is generated along with the game simultaneously and the high CPU usage makes the PC to slow down considerably. After looking into the Task Manager you will find that 75% of the process list is occupied by the executable file. If this problem is not resolved and you don't fix the rundll32.exe, then it would get impossible to play any games on the particular computer.

Reinstalling missing files

At times, it has occurred that you may try to manually fix the issue and tamper with the Windows registry. Editing the registry to fix the rundll32.exe file manually is a complete 'no'. It won't only tamper the system, but may also lead to more grave problems like system crashes and so on. Yes, it has so occurred that after editing the registry or reinstalling some files, all the applications suddenly fails to run. In such a fix, a fixer tool can be the ultimate saviour.

Troubleshooting the problem

Are you looking for a real simple solution to fix the rundll32.exe, then download the DLL Suite today and watch wonders happen! This tool is certainly a 'one in a million' fixer, because of its fabulous functionality. It can solve problems related to high CPU usage, system crashes, slow PC, system hangs and many more. Best of all is that, this software can repair corrupted files from Windows registry, as well as replace missing files to help the computer function smoothly. Download and install the software now, in order to reap the long term benefits.

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