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If any DLL file is missing from the system, then you will certainly face a lot of issues; to fix such faults, install DLL Suite on the computer.

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Are you worried about missing DLL errors?

Dll error repair tool is the ultimate requirement when you face a dll missing entry issue with the stored applications on your system. The Dynamic Link Library file provides the codes for running the stored applications. Therefore, you must take the required action in sorting out the issues.

VLC Media Player issue:

Suppose, the Operating System installed on your Dell Vostro laptop is Windows 8.1 64 bit. You can encounter some issues while trying to play any file using the VLC Media Player on your system. No matter which file you are trying to play, you may see that the application is crashing. At the point of crash, the system might show that the file urlmon dll is missing from your computer. This dll not found error can be caused due to any damage or corruption in the Windows system files.

This type of issue can also be caused by some improper deletion of applications. You can also encounter this issue when your computer has recovered from a virus attack. To get rid if this issue, you can run the System File Checker tool that scans all the system files and replaces incorrect versions of the files.

Opera Mini crashes randomly:

You may have been using Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bits on your computer. You may have recently conducted an upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bits. Soon after this upgrade, you may have to encounter some issue at the time of using any browser. You may see that the browser Opera Mini is crashing at the time of using it. The crash of the application can be on a regular basis. You may also encounter the crash on every alternate hour. This application crash can be due to some dll file missing from the system. You may try to stop the application crash by disabling all the add-ins from the browser. You may see that uninstalling and reinstalling the application does not have any effect on the issue.

Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook?

Suppose the Operating System installed on your system is Windows 7. You may have recently installed Microsoft Office 2003 on your HP Pavilion laptop. You may see that the installation process is successful. However, while trying to use Microsoft Office Outlook, you may encounter an error. An error tab may open up stating that Microsoft Office Outlook cannot be opened. In addition to this, the error tab may also show that the file MAPI32.dll is corrupted or it is missing. You may also see that there is a suggestion to reinstall the application. However, reinstalling the application may not be fruitful in solving this dll was not found error. You may face this type of issue if there is some corruption within the application.

Facing issues while using Avira antivirus:

Every system needs an antivirus for protection against viruses. Suppose you are using Avira antivirus for your system. However, these applications are also not free from any errors. You may see some issues while trying to use this software. On opening the software, you may see a system error box with an error message. It may state that the program will not start due to missingmfc100u.dll. The system error box may also instruct you to reinstall the program to fix the issue. However, abiding by the suggestion if you uninstall and reinstall the application, you may see no change. In order to get rid of this dll was not found issue, you may download and install Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1. However, if this also does not solve the issue, then you may have to install a tool.

Windows Live Messenger error:

The Operating System installed on your computer is Windows 7 and you may have recently installed the available Windows update. You may have also installed Windows live messenger 2011. However, while trying to start the program, you may encounter an issue. The program may not start but, instead it may show that the file UXCore.dll file is missing from the system. The error tab might also suggest you in reinstalling the program.

After the above faulty message, you may notice that the application will start. But when on clicking on the sign-in option, it will again denote an unexpected erroneous code 80040154. Such issues arise on the system mainly due to corrupt system files.

What should you install to overcome the issues?

DLL files on your system are difficult to solve unless you use a correct method to deal with this matter. You should take the right step in the right direction of applying the appropriate tool. One of such tools is DLL Suite. This dll missing fixer tool will not only sort out the errors but you can consider this tool as ultimate solution to dll file missing issues.

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