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Avoiding DLL errors in your computer

The most common problem faced by a computer user is to see DLL errors on their system. The basic way to remove such errors is to download the DLL file that is missing or corrupt. But downloading it from any random website can welcome viruses, spyware and malware. However, there is a safe way which ensures that the system is not damaged in the process of replacing a DLL file. It also helps in the betterment of work capacity of the machine.

Blue Screen on Windows 7:

It can be noticed by someone that after installing a new Operating System, the computer runs into a Blue Screen of Death. It is an event that takes place when the computer is no longer able to work normally. The screen turns blue with a stop code written in white. The code may be helpful to find out what has been causing the crash.

Anyway, even if the Blue Screen does not occur right after the installation of a new Operating System, it may take place during the installation of some game such as World of Warcraft. If one can go through the Event Viewer, it can be seen that the crash is caused because of the faulting module halmacpi.dll. It is one of the DLL problems that can cause the computer to completely shut down with a Blue Screen of Death.

Error on opening various programs:

A person using a computer must have various kinds of programs installed on the system. At times it is seen that there are some issues that restrict some of the programs to run normally. One may notice crashes when applications such as Notepad++ or Malware bytes are turned on. Notepad++ is a text editing and source code editing tool. on the other hand, Malware-bytes is an anti-malware application that defends the system from malware or ransom ware attack.

Now, sometimes these programs fail to run because of some DLL error. The computer crashes at the moment these applications are opened. One may try to uninstall and reinstall the updated version of the mentioned applications. Even at times, running a System File Checker does not resolve the trouble. The error codes that are generated are same in both the cases. The error number that appears is 0xc0000005 and the DLL file that is causing both these programs to fail is ntdll.dll. The similar problem can occur while using some other applications too.

Similar error at various times:

It is frequently noticed that some particular DLL files can cause a lot of programs to stop working. The error messages can occur at the time of installation of some applications. The errors can also appear at the time of start-up or shutdown of a system. The WINSTA.dll error is one of those DLL issues.

Primarily it is seen that people using Windows 8.1 come across the WINSTA.dll error more often that others using different Operating Systems. It appears at the time of boot up of the PC and gives bad image error message. It comes up with the error code 0xc0000020. The same error message along with the similar error code occurs when one tries to open iTunes or even PC cleaning software such as AVG Tune Up. Each time the faulting module is notified to be WINSTA.dll.

Unable to launch Google Chrome:

A very familiar issue can be seen when a person tries to launch Google Chrome after turning on the PC. The program does not start; rather it shows an error message. The message informs that the application cannot be launched due to unavailability of the KERNEL32.DLL file. One may make an effort to uninstall and reinstall the application and fail to do the same. This is one of the DLL errors that a lot of people come against while using different browsers. It is not an easy error that can be fixed manually, but one needs to install an effective fixing tool to remove the error completely.

One application crashing another:

Sometimes it is noticed that while one application is started, another application crashes. It happens mostly when Google Hangout is launched. The program causes Google Chrome to crash. Along with the crash, there is an error message that says the MSVCR80.dll file is the faulting module that is causing the program to stop.

Solving the troubles:

If one does not have any idea about what are causing the constant problems, it is difficult to solve the troubles. Sometimes even knowing the root of the errors may leave one helpless as there are no manual solutions that can be tried. However, one can and must install a repairing tool that is dedicated to solving these difficulties. DLL Suite is an authentic tool that repairs DLL problem of any type and helps the applications to run well.

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