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Common Issues with the svchost exe process and how to fix them

A system process called svchost.exe hosts many Windows Services and functions. A number of these services and some applications actually share this one file. Its main job is to lower the amount of resources consumed when Windows multitasks. Certain issues are capable of causing their process to crash or stop working in other ways. The trouble that users have when they see a svc host exe error is in:

Understanding the kind of error they are seeing.

Identifying the components or services that are affected.

Knowing if it's the service or certain Dll files that they have to fix.

How to fix the Dll file on Windows.

Memory usage and Generic Host errors due to svchost.exe:

Nathan Kerr's Windows XP computer had received an error message. It said that a Win32 generic host process had encountered some error and had closed. When he clicked on the Debug option, he saw another message over a svchost.exe error. Nathan tried restoring Windows to an earlier point, but this didn't work. Then he had run two well known antivirus applications to locate malware. Both scans showed Windows to be in the clear. The worst part is that no application would load once these issues began. All that he was able to do was reboot the computer.

Another laptop's performance was hampered by another svchost dot exe issue. The client, Zoe Slater said that this process used up most Windows 7 resources. This was a constant problem that got worse with time and had no solution. The rate of usage rate started out at a meagre 2% but built up to 94% in under an hour. If Zoe didn't shut down Windows, the entire system would freeze. When it did freeze, she had to shut it off forcefully. All research that this client described this activity as an indicator of computer viruses. The antivirus scans done on this laptop had not shown picked up any such malicious program.

How to fix this process on any Windows system:

These two outcomes are only expected when the svchost exe is corrupted. An investigation can be done to see which applications started and use the process. Those applications could have been uninstalled or repaired. However these people had not specified any particular application or system activity. What they were sure of was that the process was not working and was fixed using DLL Suite reapir tool. Both issues had been solved using a simple two step procedure. This is a file repair tool that helped them to download a svchost new file. This download then replaced the older files on these PCs.

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