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Computer DLL errors and how to fix them

The cause of computer problems can be broadly classified into two categories. One type of problem is caused due to viruses and malware attacking the system. The next type of issues are due to internal system files going missing or even getting corrupted.

Now, a computer is filled with hundreds and thousands of such system files. But the scope of this read will only concerned DLL files and error caused due to their malfunctioning. A single dll file gets used by a number of applications, and as such, if one dll file is compromised, all those application will be affected. Here is a collection of few of these errors to help understand the overall matter.

Problems with Firefox

Most people use computers for the purpose of gaining access to the internet. And this function can be readily achieved with the help of internet browsers. Now, one thing to consider here is that internet browsers are application software and thus always has the chance to succumb to errors and problems. For example, here is an issue with Firefox net browser as experienced by Mike on his Windows 8.1 PC. As per his reports, the application fails to run when trying to use it. He was of the opinion that the problems was due to pending updates not installed. So he installed them but to no avail. He also tried to reinstall the software but nothing helped. Whenever he tried to run Firefox, he kept getting dll errors on his screen relating to dkbjausr.dll.

Problems with Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player or WMP is the default audio and video playback tool for Windows. In fact the program is quite efficient and most people don't find the necessity to download any alternative to the app. However, there have been reported cases when the application issues while working.

Here is one such problem, as posted by Sean. As per his report, WMP is abruptly crashing on his Windows XP systems. At first, when he tries to open an audio or video file, there is no sound playback. Then after a few moments, the application crashes popping up a ksuser DLL error.

Cannot Install any Software

All the work done using a computer system is with the help of software. Hence inability to install software can very much limit the potential of the system. This type of problem are possible however. For example, Racheal writes in her complaint who his in unable to install any applications on her system. While attempting to do so, whether it be by downloaded files or DVDs, the system simply generates an error with UtilLib dll file and error code 1001. She has tried malware scans, and even running the system in safe mode, but nothing helped.

Cannot use Microsoft Office PowerPoint

Microsoft Office PowerPoint is a presentation tool which is feature packed and useful for creating engaging and rich slide based presentations. The application is very popular and widely used by school goers and professionals alike. However, the application is no stranger to errors and problems. Just like all the other software mentioned above, Microsoft Office PowerPoint can also succumb to dll problem instances.

For example, here is an error report posted by Manuel. He uses a Dell XPS 13 laptop running Windows 10 and has been facing issues while trying to use PowerPoint. When initiated to run or open, the application just sends an error message and suggests problem with uhowegume.dll.

Problem with Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is a video editing software which is extremely popular among the masses. The application is a blend of fantastic features and intuitive interface which attracts both professionals as well as enthusiasts alike.

Now being such a demanded application it is disheartening to find that there too complex errors can take place. For example, Kathy writes that she is experiencing a runtime error on Adobe Premiere. Here too the error is caused by DLL related problems and the faulting file is INTSRC DLL.

So now that a decent idea about dll errors and related problems have been developed, let's see how to solve such issues.

How to Resolve Such Issues?

For dealing with all the problems that are a consequence of viruses and malware, antivirus software are used. Similarly for the purpose of handling problems concerning DLLs there are dedicated software. For example, DLL Suite is a premium proprietary software, known to be an all-in-one cure for all DLL problems. The program can effortlessly scan the system to find faulting files and fix them to stop or prevent the errors.

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