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Computer DLL problems and how to repair them

Most of the computer problems are a result of corrupted or missing dll files from the system. Now depending on the importance of the compromised dll file, the severity of the dll errors will depend. However, even a small dll error should not be neglected. Because if the dll problem is happening due to corruption with a certain file, then if ignored, the corruption can spread till is causes major issues.

So here is a quick read on computer errors that are directly related to corrupted or missing DLL file. This should be an informative read to help understand errors as well as to learn how to repair dll issues.

Problems After Start-up

There are a multiple number of user complaints about facing problems right after system start-up. Here is one involving obdc32.dll file. Upon system start-up, the computer prompts an error message that the file in mention is corrupted. After this everything on the system works fine including third party applications. But most of the Windows admin tools become unresponsive and inactive. To fix dll errors, it will be required to repair the corrupt dll file. Also the problem needs to be tackled quickly as there is always a chance for the corruption to spread and cause fault in other files as well.

Explorer.exe is Crashing

Explorer.exe is one of the responsible files or processes to maintain the user graphic interface on Windows. Hence if there is any such issues with the file then it can cause severe problems for users. However there are reported incidents of the explorer.exe crashing due to fault in structredQuery.dll file. The people who have faced this issue also reported of running sfc scan command as well as antivirus scans in order to fix the file. But nothing have should any positive results in respect to resolve the dll file.

Problem with Internet Explorer After Upgrade

Internet explorer is the default browser that comes with Windows. Hence it finds a massive user base. Plenty of people like using the browser and Microsoft actively maintains routine updates and upgrades. However, there are error instances reported by Windows XP users after upgrading from IE 7 to IE 8. Most of these reports mention getting an ieframe.dll related issue while trying to access certain websites. Not all websites were inaccessible however, only a certain few. Now the issue can be readily solved by installing dll repair tool. But how to go about doing so?

Quick DLL Fix for These Errors

Most of the DLL file errors are very tricky to fix manually. Users have to know the correct file name, the correct version, compatibility settings and so on. It is mostly a time consuming, trial and error method which is not a feasible solution for the regular users. Thus, to save more time, a rather quick and effective solution would be to download a dll error repair tool like DLL Suite. Such a software can efficiently scan the system for erroneous files and apply the appropriate fixes to solve many system problems.

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