D3dcompiler_43 dll missing

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Computer Error: D3dcompiler_43 dll missing

If the D3dcompiler_43.dll file is missing, then a multitude of computer problems can surface. The file is linked to DirectX. Hence most of the issues will revolve around games, video players, and other graphic intensive programs. You see, the DirectX enable the apps to determine the hardware capabilities of your computer. Hence it allows the applications and programs installed on your system to affective take use of all the resources your system has to offer. But if there is any problem with the DirectX then all these graphic intensive programs and software will face execution issues.

Here are a few examples of issues that provoke such an error message. This should help you understanding the problems along with the function of D3dcompiler_43.dll file.

Problem Playing 'Need for Speed' game

Need For Speed is a popular racing game which is played by millions of players. Hence looking at the probability, odds are you too have played the games once in your life. However, since a game is basically an application or software, it too can suffer from software errors. There are many documented error reports citing that the game, Need For Speed fails to open as D3dcompiler_43 dll is missing. Now until this issue is addressed, it is true that the game will fail to run. However, it should also be understood that the problem if not fixed quickly, it can escalate to cause more severe issues later.

Cannot install Microsoft Office 2013

As stated earlier, D3dcompiler_43.dll is a file related to DirectX and hence the file should see use in graphic intensive applications. However, there have been user reports where people have encounter D3dcompiler_43 dll missing error message while trying to install Microsoft Office 2013. The users have mentioned trying out a variety of methods to solve the problem but nothing proved helpful.

App Crash while Playing 'Call of Duty' game

Call of Duty is another popular game which is a first person shooter. The game can be played in multiplayer mode and is also seen in competitive game play. This should be proof enough that the game is extremely robust. However, if the PC is at fault then it can show signs of error. For example, just like the above cases, people have faced D3dcompiler_43.dll missing error message while in the game menu screen. As per the error reports, after clicking on play campaign mode or any other options, the game crashed, displaying the error message in context.

How to Resolve the Mentioned Error Instances?

Besides the ones mentioned above, errors related to D3dcompiler_43.dll can affect many other programs and games. Similarly, issues with other DLL files can also generate different issues. Now to handle all these problems manually can be very daunting. Furthermore, if you are not careful or lack sound knowledge about fixing these issues then more problems rather than solutions will crop up. Hence, to deal with these issues, you best bet will be using a software like DLL Suite. The software is known to seamlessly handle any DLL errors including D3dcompiler 43 dll missing errors, so less worry for you.

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