Nvlddmkm sys problem

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Computer errors and nvlddmkm.sys driver file

The blue screen of death or a BSOD is considered as one of the most critical of computer errors. It occurs when a Windows system crash takes place and turns the entire screen blue, displaying a plethora of error codes and error messages. Mostly these issues happen when some critical file gets corrupted or compromised, without which the computer can't function properly. Here are few example or error when Nvlddmkm.sys file gets compromised and causes nvlddmkm.sys BSOD events. This should help to form a better idea of when nvlddmkm.sys blue screen events which will be beneficial in the process of solving them.

BSOD after System Startup

One of the most troubling factor of encountering a BSOD event is the fact that most of the times it starts without prior indication. And since a BSOD is the result of some deep system file corruption, knowing exactly what is wrong can be tough.

Now among the more regular, predictable, yet devastating BSOD issues involves facing one during system startup. This can basically render a system totally useless if happens continually. However, for some users this error occurred rather infrequently which gave them the chance to do some research into the matter. According to their reports, a missing Nvlddmkm sys error message is cited on the blue screen.

BSOD while Playing StarCraft

StarCraft is an extremely popular real time strategy game that gets played in international gaming tournaments. However, despise the popularity, it is still a computer application and can succumb to computer errors. In fact, if for some reason, the Nvlddmkm.sys file is corrupted or missing then the game can trigger BSOD events.

The blue screen most commonly shows up intermittently during game-play, as per user records. Hence it can be guessed that the nvlddmkm.sys problem occurs when the system gets pressurized but it is a speculation. Only thing for certain is that there can be intermittent BSOD episodes while playing StarCraft which prompts and error message citing Nvlddmkm sys file.

BSOD after Installing ZUNE

While installing a software, a whole plethora of files and folders get loaded on to the system. Hence there is always a chance for some corruption or compatibility issue that can bring rise to nvlddmkm sys problem. For example, after installing ZUNE, a number of people have reported facing BSOD issues on their Windows 7 PCs. As per the reports, right after installing the software and opening it, a BSOD event most surely occurs 10 to 20 seconds in.

Furthermore, to the users' dismay, the problem is so persistent that it stays even after uninstalling ZUNE from the system. After the uninstalling, the BSOD episode occur randomly anytime during a session. With the BSOD error message, Nvlddmkm sys file is reported by the users.

How to Solve These BSOD Issues

Honestly it can be extremely challenging to solve a BSOD error all by oneself. However it can be extremely simple when attempting to do so with the help of certain dedicated software. For example, in the above cases, it is most likely that a missing or corrupted Nvlddmkm.sys file was responsible for all the BSOD events. Hence if it can fixed with a software like DLL Suite then the Nvlddmkm.sys error will cease to occur.

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