Wininet dll problem

Recurring error messages with wininet dll can be easily solved by using DLL Suite.

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Computer errors related to wininet.dll

Computer errors comes in varying levels of severity. Some are small, simple, irritating pop-up that cause no trouble. While there are other which can crash the entire system. Depending on the importance of the compromised file, the error will be more severe.

Also, as the error becomes more complex, it also becomes harder to solve it, let alone use the computer. Thus for such scenarios, it is important that everybody obtains some basic knowledge about computers and error codes. The following would be some error instances involving wininet.dll. This should come in handy for getting an overall idea on the subject.

System Crash after Right Click

As bizarre as it sounds, this is an actual wininet.dll problem faced by quite a number of users. While using the mouse to right click on icon or free space, the system unexpectedly hangs and crashes. There are no signs of error codes and error messages and then everything boots back normally.

For diagnosis of such issues, one can use the Windows event log - Event Viewer. It is readily available from the start menu by typing in event viewer in the search bar. Most of the users who went into event viewer cited that the event in question had some issue with wininet dll error and it was a faulting module.

Error Message on System Startup

As mentioned, some error instances can be small and harmless. For example, on system start-up, there can be an error message pointing out wininet.dll error but after closing the dialogue box, nothing happens. However these type of issues should not be taken for granted. Because if the error causing file is corrupted then it can spread the corruption to other files which will ultimately lead to even more problematic error instances.

Issues with Microsoft Edge

After keeping internet explorer as their one and only web browsing alternative, Microsoft finally came out with the Edge browser with Windows 10. The Microsoft Edge browser packs in a lot of useful features as well as an integration with Microsoft Office OneNote. User can use this feature to save a webpage and then make annotation on them and keep them saved in their notebook. However, while using this feature, there might be error episodes if some important file is compromised. One of these files which can cause the error in context is wininet.dll.

How to stop these Errors?

As the wininet dll problem becomes more complex, manual solution becomes an unfeasible solution. Hence the best way to handle these issues would be using a dedicated software from the start. However, the market is riddled with error fixing tool, so which one should you be using?

Well, to make a broad distinction, there are freeware and paid software. Most of the free dll error fix tools are incompetent when it comes to handling complex uses. So it is best to pay a little money and go for a premium proprietary software like DLL Suite which can seamlessly solve these wininet.dll problems.

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