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Problems on your PC that can occur due to dll missing files can be solved by downloading a tool like DLL Suite.

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Computer issues caused due to missing DLLs

Mostly all computer problems are accompanied with an error message and an error code. The error code is a means used by the computer to convey the problem to the user. Generally, when faced with error instances, a computer can't rectify the problem itself. It requires user intervention.

And hence with the help of error codes and error messages, the system provides some information regarding the problem. However, for inexperienced or regular computer users, understanding the problems and fixing it can be troubling. So here are some examples of problems that involve missing DLLs to help build an understanding on the subject.

Unable to use Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is an extremely popular browser thanks to high level of flexibility and customizability it offers its users. However, the software can also become victim to plenty of error instances. For example, here is a problem mentioned by Darrick. He owns a Windows 8 power Dell laptop.

On his computer, he isn't able to access the internet through his Firefox browser. However this is not a problem with his internet connectivity. As he writes, all other applications and programs that require an internet connection are working fine. However, while opening a site through Firefox, he is greeted with a site cannot be reached message. On doing further inspection, he found that his system was missing some DLL files out of which MRusr.dll was causing this issue.

The dll missing file error on system start-up

After booting up a system, it can be extremely irritating to be welcomed with an annoying error noise coupled with an error message. Sometimes the error message can be due to some program at fault which is set to start during start up. Other times the issue can be caused by corruption of important system files. Here is a similar dll missing error instances reported by Elijah on his premium HP Laptop.

After booting up his system, the computer pops up an error message saying the sqlite3.dll is missing. Now errors containing missing DLL should not be taken for granted as many troubling errors can arise from this. Hence instead of looking at this as an irritating pop-up, one should consider the issue to be a potential threat.

Can't install Avast

Keeping an Antivirus software installed on the system is crucial. It can fend off malware and viruses and reduce security threats. Now there are a plethora of antivirus software available on the internet and amongst them Avast is well known name. Users can install the application for free and it is a very competent too even though it is essentially a freeware. However, here is an issue regarding the popular piece of software as posted by Bryan.

He reported that he is facing issues trying to install the application on his Toshiba Laptop. He had given consecutive tries to make the installation successful, however on every attempt he had been getting dll is missing error message. On doing some further digging, he found out HTMLayout.dll was causing the restriction.

Cannot Open Office 2013

Without a doubt, it can be said that Microsoft Office is one of the most popular and successful productivity suite of software currently available. It is also a premium software which comes with a price tag. Hence it can be irritating if after making the purchase, the software fails to install. However, the software suite is rarely reported to be buggy and most of the issues are system related.

For example, here is a problem reported by Samuel. When he is trying to install Office 2013 on his Lenovo ThinkPad, it is prompted with a dll missing error message. Following this the installation process terminates.

Cannot Use CCleaner

CCleaner is a free PC cleaning software which has won multiple awards and is widely used by users. It can help to remove unnecessary files from the system to boost performance. However, some Windows 10 users reported facing trouble with the software after making the OS upgrade.

Here is an issue reported by Matthew. He writes that after installing Windows 10 on his DELL XPS laptop, CCleaner has mysteriously stopped working. While attempting to scan the system with the app, a dll file is missing error message shows up pointing that gdiplus.dll is missing from the system.

Resolving the Problems in context

Now, one thing to note here is that these are not all possible DLL problems there are. In fact, there are hundreds if not thousands of different problems that any user can come across. One can't prepare of all of them specifically.

Hence, to handle such dll file missing error situations without much trouble, one of the best options would be using a dedicated software. For example, DLL Suite can be installed on the system and it will monitor for any missing or corrupted DLL. Then the program will fix them automatically and hence, the user doesn't need to bother about such troubling scenarios.

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