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Computer problems arising due to DLL errors

If your system is having some faulty or corrupted DLL files, then it should be your first priority to repair DLL files. A single corrupted DLL file if left unchecked, it can corrupt other files which in turn can cause more trouble. A single compromised DLL file can leave your system filled with error instances. Hence multiple problematic system files is a recipe for computer break down. Here are few example that discusses about DLL files and the errors related to them. This should help you build a sound understanding of the topic.

Microsoft Outlook is not Working

Microsoft Outlook is an email client application available on Windows. It can also be used a personal information manager, calendar manager and for other productivity related purposes. The application is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite. You can use the application to configure in all your email IDs and then send and receive emails with all of them through a single interface.

You should be able to understand the level of convenience such an application can bring to day to day life. However, sometimes outlook is known to malfunction. For example, there are error reports that Outlook is not responding followed by the application crashing. On further investigation, it has been found that the error incident happened due to WindowsCodecsExt.dll file was corrupted. Hence the issue can't be resolved until you repair the DLL file.

Window Photo App is crashing

With Windows 10, Microsoft revamped their photo viewing application as the Windows photo app. It is a decent application which also provides minor photo editing tools and is also very easy to use. Most casual users take the application as their default for viewing or editing images. However, error instances disturb this app as well.

For example, people have reported issues of the Windows Photo app terminating right before it starts. If you are facing such an issue, then to further investigate the problem you can go to the Event Viewer. It is a dedicated event log for Windows which can be accessed through the search bar in the start menu. Other people who have faced this issue reported the cause behind the mishap was due to a faulty twinapi.appcore.dll file. And just like the above case, it can't be resolved until you repair dll files free.

Xbox Music has Stopped Working

With the inception of Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a new music application with its Windows line of operating system - Xbox Music. With Xbox Music, you can not only play music, but also buy and download tracks as well. However, sometimes the application can stop working due to dll files as see in the above cases. And much like the previous two cases, the reason behind the application not working is due to a faulty dll file required by the program.

Users who have faced this issue named a couple of DLL files behind the problem. But most of the issues were regarding GNSDK_FP.dll. If you face such issues, then you know by now that too use the app, you first require to repair dll errors.

Cannot perform System Restore

Sometimes, to resolve many problems on your PC, you might attempt to perform a system restore. In most cases, the process works and fixes many issues. A system restore will reconfigure your PC back to a working configuration which didn't have all the present errors or problems.

Now while attempting to do a Windows system restore, with the help of Windows defender, people have reported that the restoration process fails mid-way. As per their error reports, the problem is due to a faulty MpEvMSG.dll file along with many other DLLs.

Internet Explorer is Opening with Error Message

Now not all DLL errors are as problematic as the ones discussed above. In fact, sometime dll errors just might cause minor irritation and not much problems. For example, there have been error reports where users complained of an error message popping after they opened internet explorer. However, after closing the error, no further issue occurred and the users carried on with their activity.

How to Repair Your System from DLL Errors?

When faced with computer problem, you might be inclined to call the technician. But you should also consider that computer problems are something that can come about repetitively and calling the technician to deal with these issues would be a recurring expense. In this accord, it would be wiser if you searched for a more permanent solution. For example, you can download a software like DLL Suite which can handle these issues automatically whenever it pops up. The program can find all the dll files that are faulty or corrupted and repair the '.dll' files to stop the problems involved with them.

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