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If you keep getting missing DLL files error message while using your PC system, then it is time for you to install a software like DLL Suite to do away with all such problems.

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Computer problems due to missing DLL file

A .dll file missing can trigger a variety of error instances depending on the file that is compromised. If your system is lacking a not so important file, then at most you can face some error message pops up without any consequences. However, if any of the important and core files are missing or corrupted, then severe system crashes can happen. Here are a few instances of errors that occur due to missing or deleted DLLs which should help you understand the matter.

Cannot Change Profile Picture on Skype

There is high chances that you use Skype and if so, you should read this problem attentively. There are user complaints regarding Skype and app crash problems while trying to change the profile picture.

Suppose you pressed the change profile picture icon, then it will immediately try to open your webcam. Then after a moment of lag, the entire app will crash leaving an error message. The same thing also happens while visiting the video settings section. The complaints, as provided by the people reports getting SkypeSkylib.dll to be missing, which is actually causing the problem.

Problem using Gtalk

Gtalk or Google Talk is an instant messaging service with which you can send text as well as make voice communication. Now if you use its respective application or some other instant message app on your PC, this point should highlight some problems. For example, there are error reports citing problem running Gtalk. As per majority of the complaints, mostly the issues are cited revolving around pnrpnsp.dll and ntoskrnl.exe. After double clicking on Gtalk, an error message reports that the dll file missing and restricts the app from opening. Similar problems can arise for any other application as well, so it is best for you to be prepared.

Appcrash While Playing Music

Apple products are known to be robust, but their iTunes application is known to succumb to errors and problems. Hence, if you use iTunes, then you should acquaint yourself with possible issues the program is known to face. For example, while you try to play songs or any audio files through the application, it can sometimes face app crash issues. Such problems are mostly reported with an error message citing DSOUND.dll file is missing. Now regardless if you're using iTunes or not, such problems can also surface on other media players and so you should know how to handle these issues.

Windows Cannot Use Windows Defender

Windows Defender is the default malware protection app which can be found in Windows 8 and all consecutive versions. The application is properly updated by Microsoft and powerful enough to protect your system from most internet threats. If you are one of those people who practices caution while surfing the internet then just having Windows Defender installed on, your PC will prove to be more than enough. However, sometimes due to errors in system files, Windows defender might fail to run, leaving your system totally vulnerable. Similar incidents have happened when to people reporting MpOav.dll file is missing from the system. People who faced such issues reported not being able to open Windows defender, and thus their system were left at a vulnerable state.

Problem with Yahoo Messenger

Much like Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger is another popular instant messaging application. And much like Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger can also succumb to errors and problems. However, here is a problem which should teach you about the problem of a disturbed update process. There are a handful of error reports from users who have stated Yahoo Messenger has stopped working after they updated to application. However, they have also noted that there was some issue during the update process. Most naturally a file was deleted or corrupted during the erroneous update process. As per the error message reported, yui.dll file was missing and that prevented the app from opening. So now you see the problem that can come out of an erroneous update process.

How to Handle These Error Situations?

One thing to note here is that it is not humanely possible to be aware of all possible dll errors and their respective fixes. So if you are facing some erroneous situation as the ones mentioned above, then it would be best if you download a missing DLL file fixer to handle these problems for you. A software like DLL Suite can come in handy. Such a software can seamlessly replace the .dll missing files and fix all the problems that is present on the system, or might come up in the future.

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