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If your system has DLL missing files, then you will face a lot of severe issues, all of which can be solved if you install DLL Suite onto the device.

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Computer problems due to missing DLL files

Some of the computer problems that you face will be rather trivial whereas other times, you can end up facing severe system crashing predicaments. These issues are mostly the outcome of important system files becoming corrupt or missing. Now depending on the importance of the compromised system file, the error instance will be that much more severe.

In the scope of this read, you will be learning about the errors that can happen if some of the DLL files on your computer become compromised. This will not include all possible error instances but should help you establish a decent idea on the matter. So without further ado, let's get in to the issues that can rise due to .dll missing files on the system.

BSOD while Playing OverWatch

OverWatch is currently one of the most popular first-person shooting games available. Again, a BSOD issue is considered to be one of the fiercest computer problems you can face. Thus if you are having BSODs or Blue Screen of Death while playing OverWatch, then it can be a cause of concern.

Most generally, a BSOD is the direct consequence of fault with important system files. Hence if the application in concern calls such faulty files, then the system might have to resort to a crash. Such system crashes are often followed by a blue screen with error codes and error messages. With the case of OverWatch, some people have reported encountering BSOD issues due to missing halmacpi.dll file.

Error Message On Opening Outlook

Sometimes you can experience error messages when you try to open an application. Here, let's talk about some similar incidents posted by users involving Microsoft Office Outlook. As per their reports, on opening the application, an error message shows up on screen warning that DavClnt.dll is missing from the system. However, the missing DLL file doesn't do more harm than this. If the error dialogue box is cancelled, then the application goes back to working just fine. However, you should take due note that any error message should not be taken lightly. The problems might escalate latter and thus, even such trivial problems requires your utmost attention.

Cannot Play Video With WMP

The Windows Media Player is the default media player that comes with Windows operating system. As the name suggests, the software is a media player used for the purpose of playing music and videos. Now, sometimes people have reported encountering issues when they have not been able to play videos with WMP or Windows Media Player.

While attempting to open a video file, the application first froze and then crashed with an error message citing dxmasf.dll, wmp.dll and wmpdxm.dll. Music playback is error free however. Now due to the lack of these dll files, the above issue has occurred and can only be fixed by replacing the files.

Cannot Open Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is Microsoft's own mailing application. You can use the software to configure your email addresses and then access all the inboxes and send mails right from a single interface. If you haven't used any mailing app or email client, then even from hearing this, you should understand the convenience it can bring. However, since it is software, it can succumb to errors and problems. For example, sometimes while opening the application is known to crash without any error message. Users have gone into the Event Viewer to obtain further Information. It is from here they have informed that problem is caused due to a missing UIRibbon.dll file.

Firefox is Crashing Randomly

Sometimes it can be easy to decipher a problem based on the pattern in which it arises. For example, if you are having issues with opening Firefox, then the problem might be related with one of the files involved with executing the program. Similarly, if there are issues while using video playback, or audio playback features, then the error is likely in that particular department. However, there are reports of random app crashes, even with popular programs like Firefox. Most often than not, such issues are a direct consequence of a DLL is missing or even due to dll file corruption.

How to Resolve Such Issues?

The more severe the problem becomes, the more difficult it will be to solve it. Hence, as with all things, a preventive approach would be far better than trying to solve such issues. Thus you might want to indulge in a software which can automatically scan issues present in the system and solve them before any problem arises. DLL Suite is an excellent program for that purpose. Not only does the program help to prevent problems but also fixes issues present in the system.

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