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Computer problems due to missing DLL files

If DLL files are missing from the system, then you will start to experience erroneous activities throughout your session. A single DLL file gets used by multiple programs. Hence the side-effects of a compromised dll file will ripple through a number of your apps and programs. What is more important is that, if a multiple number of such DLL files are having issues and errors, then you might even start facing system crashes. Here are a few examples of such dll errors to give you an idea on the subject.

Problem running iTunes

iTunes is a dedicated software developed by Apple for downloading, organizing and even playing digital downloads of music and videos. The software is extremely popular especially among iPhone users. Now if you happen to use iTunes on your computer, then it is best that you be prepared to handle the following error.

There have been several error reports concerning error code 126 with iTunes. As per the complaints, the software fails to open generating the above error code along with an error message that AVFoundationCF dll is missing. The users facing the issues have tried reinstalling the missing dll file solution software and even tried hot fixes, but nothing helped as per the error reports.

Cannot start Windows Live mail

Windows Live mail is an email client which you can use for the purpose of managing your email accounts through a single interface. If you have Windows Live mail installed on your system, then all you would have to do is configure all the email accounts that you use into Windows Live mail. After this is done, you can send and receive emails from all the accounts but from the convenience of the same interface. However, sometimes, due to DLL errors, the application is known to malfunction and sometimes it doesn't even open. For example, if the msmail.dll file is missing or cannot be loaded, then the program will fail to open.

Google Chrome is crashing intermittently

Google Chrome can be considered as one of the most popular if not the most popular browser to surf the internet. Now the reason for its popularity lies on the fact that Chrome can be used for a lot more functionalities other than plain web browsing. For example, you can install extension onto the browser which will grant you extra functions and features and so on. However, sometimes due to error with ntdll.dll file, Google Chrome can start crashing at irregular intervals. You will fail to find any uniformity with the app crashes, however, every time it does crash, the error message displays problem with ntdll.dll.

Constant Error Popup in Microsoft Office Word

Microsoft Office Word is an extremely popular and powerful Word Processing tool used all around the world with thousands of users. Hence judging the popularity it can be estimated that the application also very robust and bug free. However, sometimes, there are error reports for Microsoft Office Word as well. For example, while using Microsoft Office Word, you may encounter a scenario where upon doing any activity an error message will popup. After crossing it, you can resume with your work but then after a few moments it will pop up again. Cases such as this has been reported by a handful of people, and mostly the issue is due to a missing WkWfx90 dll file, and a dll error, such as 'missing dll file please reinstall'.

Avast Antivirus Software is Outdated

You will rarely find a freeware to be good and competent enough to satisfy your needs. However, the free version of Avast antivirus suffices the requirements of most individuals making it quite popular with its users. However, sometimes the application is known to malfunction also.

For example, you should know that an antivirus first has to update its virus database to function properly. The antivirus program searches the system to scan out viruses which are logged into the virus database and quarantines those files to keep the system safe. However, if the database is not up to date, new viruses and malware won't be detected making your system more vulnerable to threats. Issues like this can happen if DNSAPI.dll file is compromised.

How to fix DLL errors in no time?

Most of the DLL errors happen when one or many DLL files get deleted or corrupted. Now the reason behind such issues is not as important as understanding how to fix missing dll file error. Most of the time, replacing the compromised DLL file would be enough. But it can be difficult to understand which DLL file to download as care compatibility factors, version numbers and so on. Hence, the best route you can take would be installing the missing dll file fixer - DLL Suite. The program can find and replace the missing dll files so that all problems relating to it will get solved seamlessly.

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