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Computer problems related to DLL errors

Computer problems can happen due to a variety of reasons. Primarily, most of the issues are a result of virus or malware infestations. But sometimes, there can be issues caused by corrupted or deleted system files. Such issues can cause a variety of problems. For example, there can be hindrances while opening an application, or using a feature or functionality. There can even be occurrences of app crashes and system crashes.

In this article, the main focus will be on errors pertaining to DLL files and their corruption or deletion. This should prove to be helpful in forming a clearer notion regarding computer errors and problems.

Problems after Deleting Norton

Norton Antivirus is a popular software for fending off virus and malware. However, due to one reason or the other, it can become necessary to perform a reinstallation of the application. Here is a computer related issue that follows from this.

After the successful un-installation of the software, one can encounter DLL errors on attempting a reinstall. Such situations have often been reported. The most common error message being msvcp110.dll is missing from the system. Now this isn't the only a problem pertaining to installing Norton. Msvcp110.dll is an extremely important file required by a lot of applications. All these software will hence forth face issues until this problem is resolved.

Error Message after closing APP

Here is a commonly reported incident where people faced app crashes after closing Firefox browser. On pressing the cross sign at the top right corner of the screen, an error message pops up with a loud noise. Problems with ntdll.dll file is commonly reported with this issue.

Now one might contemplate on the fact that why is this a problem, as the error shows up after closing the app. Here one should understand the issue related to DLL problems has the potential for causing varied issues. Hence, such error cases should be kept in check.

Problem with Picasa

Now here is a problem that doesn't have to do with installing or opening an app. But this is an issue involving using the application. Some users have reported that while trying to edit the application, they have been experiencing app crashes. However, the application opens just fine by itself. It is only when a user attempts to open a file with Picasa that the app crash error occurs.

Now some of the advanced users facing this issue have resorted to Event Viewer to get more details in the situation. The Event Viewer is an event log for Windows. It can be accessed through the search bar in the start menu. From there, most of these users recorded that the fault was caused due to DLL error and the MSVFW32.dll file was highlighted.

Can't Start Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere is a video editing tool and a popular one at that. The application sees use from both amateurs as well as professionals. So it is easy to gauge how much powerful as well as engaging the application is. However, as with all apps, this too is no stranger to computer errors.

There have been reported cases where the program refuses to open. After double clicking on the application it pops up an error message with 0x012f error code, informing that the file cannot be opened. Users have tried to do virus scans to see if a malware is causing the problem. They have even attempted reinstalling the program but to no avail. Apparently the problem is due to DLL problem, msvfw32.dll to be more specific.

Cannot start Antivirus

Antivirus software is essential to keep computer systems safe from malware and viruses. Hence when the antivirus is at fault, the entire system comes at risk. DLL files are used by a multiple number of programs and so if one of them is faulty, a plethora of application might be facing issues.

For the sake of an example, there are plenty of reported cases of AVG antivirus not being able to operate due to missing or corrupted mfc110u.dll file. Now this issue doesn't only put the system at risk, but itself causes problems as well. Hence it is necessary to know how to handle such DLL issues efficiently.

How to Take Care of Such Problems?

Similar, to the fact that there are antivirus programs to help stop virus and malware, there are dedicated software to handle these DLL error instances. For example, after installing an application like DLL Suite, you won't have to be worrying about such problems. The software can scan out all faulting files and apply appropriate fixes to stop problems like the ones mentioned above.

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