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Computer problems with explorer.exe

Computers are some of the most important machines in your lives. It gets used in multiple aspects of your day, from being used at home to being used at work. So it is important to take care and fix these miracle machines when they stumble into errors and similar problems. Now computer problems can be of a diverse range. In the scope of this read, errors and issues related to explorer.exe will only get discussed.

As you might be aware of, explorer.exe is an important system file or process that helps in running the windows graphical interface. Hence any problem with Explorer.exe can cause huge errors in the system. So without further ado, here are a few real life examples of users facing problems related to explorer.exe.

Explorer.exe is Not Working

The explorer.exe file can be accessed through the taskbar icon, or by entering into the C drive and selecting explorer.exe. Now sometimes it faces an awkward problem when an explorer.exe error message shows up when it is selected. It should be considered that the entire graphical user interface is a part of this. So when My Computer or This PC is opened, it opens via explorer.exe. Hence getting an error message while opening Explorer.exe but not while opening other programs can be odd.

Now this issue has been experienced by Daniel who lives in West Virginia. He writes that on every attempt he has made to open Explorer.exe he faces an error that states the file doesn't have an associated program. Such Explorer.exe problem can be problematic and should be dealt with promptly. There might be possible file corruption which is causing the issue.

Sudden Explorer.exe Crashes

Some computer problems can be diagnosed by observing when it is occurring. For example, if an explorer exe error pops up after click on an application, it can be said that the problem is with some file exclusive to that application. But the diagnosis aspect becomes extremely difficult when the error instances becomes random and intermittent.

Raul has reported facing such a random problem with Explorer.exe. He writes that suddenly while using his system, everything just hangs and pops up an error code pointing out that explorer.exe has crashed. Only thing that is felt to do here is to turn off the system and start all over again, losing all unsaved work.

Very High Internet Usage

This report is from Patrick. He is facing a problem which is consuming high chunks of his internet data. Apparently he has not downloaded any application that can access data involuntarily. Again, he himself is also not using the internet. So after doing a little research he has discovered that the issue is caused by a missing explorer.exe file. However this file is present all over his computer. This is an example of a virus or malware which can pretend to be explorer.exe file and cause problem.

How to Solve The Mentioned Problems

Primarily, a user has the liberty to search for online solutions and many random websites do sport genuine do-it-yourself solution but they are hard to follow. It can be feasible for people coming from a technical background for the regular user, it can appear more intimidating than the error itself. Also, many websites are there which uses false advertisement to lure in customers to only sell them malware for free. Hence to take care of the explorer exe problem, a user can opt to download a premium proprietary software to ensure quality and support. DLL Suite is an excellent example for such a program.

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