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A missing .dll file may not allow you to launch any application on the system; to eliminate this issue, you need to take the help of DLL Suite.

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Convenient way to solve missing DLL errors

Have you ever encountered a missing DLL error? If your answer is yes, then you must know that it is not easy to get rid of such errors. If you go through the internet searching for a solution to the problem, you will get plenty of results. Most of these will direct you to follow some manual steps. You may try troubleshooting the problem. But DLL errors are not easily fixed.

An absent DLL file can cause multiple programs to stop working. You may think it to be strange. It happens because a DLL file is not dedicated to one program only. DLL files are shared files. A single DLL file is connected to numerous applications. Therefore, when a DLL file is not found in the system, one or more than one program stops working. Below you can see some of the applications that cease to work when DLL error occurs.

Microsoft PowerPoint not working:

You can create an electronic presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. The presentation that you create can have audio, video files, texts, images etc. You may not face any difficulty at the time of installation of the program. But when you try to use launch the application, you cannot start it. You get a message that informs you about a problem on PowerPoint. When you click on the message, you are shown that Telemetry.dll file is not found.

You can try to download the missing DLL files from the internet. You may not find the file. Then how will you solve the issue?

Cannot download Adobe Flash Player:

Adobe Flash Player is the software that helps you to view video files and listen to audio files. Adobe Flash Player can be downloaded and also it can be used in a web browser as a browser plug-in.

However, at different times, you may get different problems while using Adobe Flash Player. The problem can occur when you try to use the software from the web browser. You can also notice an issue when you try to download the application. You may see that BIB.dll and CORE.dll are the two missing .dll files. You may try to fix the problem by disabling all your installed anti-virus programs. But you may still see the presence of the problem.

Unable to run various applications:

It is mentioned earlier that a single missing exe file can hamper the working of many programs at the same time. So, when you notice that you are not able to launch WinRAR UC Browser and Google Chrome because of the absence of a single DLL file you should not get scared.

You may try different methods to replace the comctl32.dll file that is not found. You may run sfc /scannow, DISM and even you may do a System Restore, but sadly you will not be able to fix the trouble by your own.

Not able to use Skype:

Suppose, you have turned off your PC after playing some games on it. The next time, when you turn it on, you are not able to log into the Windows. As per your understanding, you perform a System Restore. The problem gets fixed.

Now, when you try to use Skype, you are not able to do so. You are informed that the MSACM32.dll file is not found on your system. You may run System File Checker to take care of the issue. But it will not be of much help to you.

Error during system start-up:

Sometimes you may see that you are getting an error message when you are starting up your computer. The message may notify you about the Shutil.dll file that is not present. It may ask you to reinstall the program to get the error removed.

The DLL file is connected to McAfee, the anti-virus software. You may reinstall the anti-virus, but the trouble may not go away.

The simple step to erase errors:

In the course of using a computer, you may face any of the mentioned problems. So, what do you do? Do you give up? Or do you choose a missing dll repair tool that will make all your problems go away? Obviously, when you have two options, you need to choose the one that is best for your computer.

You should choose the missing dll files fix software that is developed in such a way that it takes care of any DLL troubles. Not only the software fixes the error but also it stops the error from occurring again. What is the name of the software? DLL Suite is a committed software application that can repair any missing DLL issue instantly. It is the best missing dll files fixer.

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