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When DLL file is missing or was not found, the issues of the computer can be solved with the help of DLL Suite.

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Correcting the issue of missing DLL files

The DLL files are an important part of the computer. They control the computer and guide it to complete a given task in a successful way. However, when the issue arises in the computer due to the error 'DLL file missing', it means that an important DLL file required to do that specific job has been accidentally deleted or corrupted leading various issues in the computer system. Along with it, the loss of DLL file can also cause various other problems in the computer like slow PC, unresponsive programs, hardware malfunction and even BSOD where the computer screen turns blue and the system crashes.

Here are few instances where the user faced issues due to the loss of DLL files

Issues in opening Microsoft Office 2013 application:

A user has Windows 8 as the operating system for his personal computer. While trying to run the applications of Microsoft Office Suite, like Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, she would face an error because a DLL is missing. The user tried to find the lost DLL file and methods to restore it, with the help of internet. He found that the issue was probably due to a missing DLL file Xlintl32.dll. The internet also pointed out some manual fixes for the error but the user did not use them. The manual fixes need a good understanding of the Windows Registry, which the user did not possess and so he did not try them.

Issues while playing a game:

A Windows 10 user has recently installed the game 'Grand Theft Auto: 4' on his computer. However, he could not open the game. His repeated attempts to start the application produced errors like 'missing xlive.dll'. The user to correct this error needed to restore this DLL file which was not found. What the user could do was use reliable DLL error fixing software, which can solve these issues in no time.

Issues with booting the laptop:

A user has a Compaq Presario laptop with Windows XP operating system. The user is unable to start his laptop and gets a BSOD related error every time he tries to start his computer. The error message points towards some certain missing DLLs. The minidump files created during the error points towards a corrupt or missing hal.dll file. The user can try the various manual fixes available online regarding correction of this error. However, if they do not posses necessary skills required to solve the error manually, they must not proceed through it because a wrong step can cause more serious damage to their computer system.


To rectify the 'DLL missing or not found' error, the above-mentioned users can use the efficient and reliable DLL Suite. This error removal tool makes the job of fixing the lost DLL in the computer an easy one for the novice user. Also, it re-registers the newly installed DLL in the Windows Registry, so that the DLL files can start doing their jobs as soon as possible. Available in 24 different languages, this missing DLL repair software is compatible with over 75 operating systems. Thus, the largest pool of customers from all over the world, who speak different languages, can use this DLL error fix software without any issues.

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