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If you are tired of DLL missing errors from appearing on the computer, simply use a dll repair tool freeware like the DLL Suite.

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DLL errors can slug down Windows vastly

Sometimes, DLL errors can sabotage the gaming, working and educational activities carried out on your PC. These errors can make your computer slow and sluggish and also make you shell out a lot of money for constant repairing. It is essential to select the best remedy to repair DLL errors. So you need a dll fix tool.

Freezing of your system and BSOD can occur

DLL errors can also make your computer run extremely slowly and in a sluggish manner. Having Windows Defender or Anti-virus software like AVG anti-virus also doesn't help to solve this problem. It is possible that on start-up, your computer can just freeze all of a sudden, and an error code saying C:/Windows_system32_wiavideo_dll can appear on your screen. Freezing of the computer would mean that you will not be able to switch off your computer manually in the correct manner, so pulling the plug from the power point would only switch off your computer, but will cause it a lot of harm and loss of files. After you switch your system on and scan it using the Microsoft Security Scanner, your PC will again freeze and display a wiavideo.dll error message. To stop the errors, you need a dll fixer full version.

Errors related to DLLs can also pop up and result to a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). If you attempt a disk cleanup from Control Panel, it will successfully clean your PC, but towards the end, BSOD can appear on your PC. The Auto Repair also hangs out with a bright blue screen commanding you to change the keyboard layout. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to change the layout, because the connection to the keyboard is not at all active. Internet connection can also get restricted due to this DLL error. If you attempt to perform a disk cleaning on my password, it will still not fix DLL errors. Performing sfc/scannow, DISM and clean booting also doesn't help to solve these errors. So a dll repair free software is for you.

Restricts you from launching certain programs

These pesky DLL errors can also appear while launching video driver for certain video boards. If you download it, the installation can be a success, but it can fail horribly after a reboot of the video board. After the application is loaded, an error pops up saying the ordinal 1 was nowhere to be located in the dynamic link library of C:\Windows_System32_Sqlunirl.dll. Other than this, other errors can also pop saying sqlmanagr.exe original has not been found and ordinal 1 could not be found. Many people experience sudden restrictions while installation, but the error message doesn't appear in such cases. This error doesn't have anything to do with the Video card, but it is because of corruption in the DLL file of the particular driver. Scanning for virus and performing DISM either doesn't resolve this DLL issue. So you need a dll repair kit.

It is highly possible to encounter DLL errors during start-up of the system. Nothing can be more frustrating than switching on your computer to come across a DLL error as soon as you see the start-up on Windows screen. In worst cases, this can also disallow you to use your computer for the whole day. If some of your important DLL files have been damaged beyond repair, you can experience an error on your desktop during start-up saying rundll C:\Windows_ayozitow.dll. This is usually considered a malware file. It is possible that either a malware file was uninstalled maliciously by your antispyware/antivirus program. Installing MBAM (MalwareBytes' Antimalware) even would not help you to solve DLL issues. It is important to fix this error before it can cause more damage to your PC.

Scanning your PC manually doesn't work

Some people encounter DLL errors while trying to use Microsoft Fix it. If you try to run Microsoft Fix it, it is possible that MATSWiz.exe System Error occurs on Windows and it says that the program is unable to start because its DLL has been missing from your PC, so try to reinstall this program to fix this underlying problem. When this error occurs, it can be very difficult to find out which DLL is missing, but this can be done by running the sfc/scannow command, though this will not help you to solve the particular DLL error. Running a clean boot in safe mode also does nothing to correct these types of DLL errors on your system.

Sometimes, you can also encounter a DLL error while opening your computer which tells you to install the DLL mfc111u.dll because it is missing from your system. This can restrict your desktop from starting up. Copying the missing DLLs from the internet, loading it from installation disks, verifying the Steam Cache, running the sfc/scannow and cleaning junk files on Windows also doesn't help much to fix these errors.

How can you get rid of these errors?

It is advisable to install DLL Suite to repair these DLL errors safely and quickly.

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