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If one of the DLL file was not found, then to handle the computer errors, you should install DLL Suite.

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DLL file is missing: error messages on computers

An error message, which pops up during a system malfunction is an information sent to the user by the computer. In short, it holds the details necessary to let the user comprehend why and how this malfunction occurred. Since, computers aren't self-sufficient to solve many error instances, through error messages they demand user involvement.

However, the error messages are very much technical which will be incomprehensible for the regular user. Hence a little familiarity with error codes can be helpful in understanding how to solve them. Here are some examples of error messages involving missing DLLs which should help you to shine some light on this matter.

Problem While Upgrading to Windows 7

While upgrading from Windows Vista to Window 7 there might be DLL missing errors that prevent the upgrade. For example, during the installation process an error message with uxlib.dll file is missing can pop up. Such DLL file missing error scenarios mostly occurs when the installation bar is near 60 or 70% and interrupt the whole process.

Now to diagnose the DLL was not found problem, you should first check if the copy of Windows 7 that you have is genuine or not. If that be the case then it is most likely that the user has some registry problems which is causing the DLL file is missing error.

Problem After System Restore

One of the best ways to go about handling a recently encountered computer error is to just do a system restore. This makes your system revert back to an old working configuration of Windows, thus avoiding the overall problem. However, during the system restore process, if any issue occurs then you might face new problems.

For example, it is a commonly reported that MSACM32.dll file gets deleted during an incomplete system restore. The missing DLL file is known to cause problems that inhibit Skype or Minecraft from opening. However, there isn't any problem with the internet as web browsers and other sites function absolutely fine.

Missing DLL Problem Running AutoCAD

Not only with your personal lives, but computers also aid you in your professional lives as well. For those of you who are civil engineers would know the importance of software like AutoCAD in making day to day work so much easier. However, sometimes the software might fail to install on the system and pop up error message suggesting revision.dll could not be found. You should take due note that this error message has been reported in multiple instances involving problems installing software. Hence, knowing how to solve these type of DLL is missing errors is absolutely necessary.

Solving The Problems In Discussion

Once you have understood the reason for the DLL not found error, the next phase is the solution. However, this too requires sound computer know how. Suppose a DLL file needs to be replaced to solve the problem. In this case, you need to be well informed about the exact DLL file, its compatibility settings, and versioning and so on. Hence to solve these errors with missing DLL files, the best way is downloading and installing a dedicated software like DLL Suite.

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