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DLL missing: Issues and Solution

DLL files are a very important piece of the Window operating system. These files run the programs installed on the computer and help the system to process information for the user's advantage. But sometimes these DLL files get corrupted or go missing due to some reasons like improper installation of the operating system, incorrect installation of the programs or applications, defective hardware, or even due virus or malware present in the system. Here are some instances you may face due to the 'DLL missing from your computer':

Cannot run UC Browser:

Suppose you use a Windows 7 as the operating system on your computer and have recently installed the UC browser on your computer. However, when you try to start the browser, the application does not open and an error message pops up on the computer screen informing that the program cannot open due to missing chrome_elf.dll. The issue can be quite annoying and may force you to switch to another browser on the computer.

Problems during Start-up:

If you have a computer with Windows Vistas operating system, then sometimes you may face issues during start-up due to DLL missing entry point in the Windows Registry. The computer may not be able to find the specific module on the registry and would flash the error message. The computer may apparently seem to be fine, but the error message during every start-up may irritate you to the core.

Frequent BSOD:

If you have a computer with Windows 7 operating and it faces issues of random BSOD while running the applications like YouTube, then the missing DLL files like hal.dll in the Windows Registry may be the reason behind it. You can try to fix this issue by reinstalling the Windows 7 on your computer, or manually downloading the missing DLL files from a random website on the internet. But that might not solve the issue and may do more damage to the system than good. To solve the issue, you need reliable DLL missing fixer software to clean the computer of the issue of missing DLL.

Laptop crashing randomly:

If you have an HP Pavilion laptop with Windows 7 Professional operating system, then sometimes the laptop may freeze while running the internet browser like the Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox. Sometimes these issues happen due to corruption or DLL is missing from your computer. To solve the issue, you can update the Graphics Drivers installed on the computer. But sometimes it cannot solve the issue and the computer is unable to run smoothly.

Microsoft Outlook will not open:

Let's assume you are a Windows 8.1 user and have Microsoft Office 2013 installed on your computer. If the Microsoft Outlook 2013 does not open on your computer, then it may be due to missing MSVCR80.dll file on the Windows Registry. You can correct the issue by doing the given options but in some cases, they may not be able to solve the error:

Repairing Microsoft Office from Add and remove software section on the Control Panel.

Reinstalling the Microsoft Office Suite on the computer.

Issues while loading a game:

If you have recently updated your Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, then sometimes you may face trouble while running the game Far Cry 3 on your computer. The game might crash within few minutes of launch or freeze at random intervals. The event viewer may point that xaudio2_7.dll, s3s10.DLL and igd12umd32.DLL may have faced some issues because of which the game might have probably crashed. To solve the issue, you can remove and reinstall the game on the computer, update the drivers to its latest version, reinstall the Windows to the computer.

But sometimes these measures are unable to fix the issues on the crash of the game.

Correcting method of the error:

To correct the issues of DLL missing files you can use the efficient and reliable missing DLL repair tool - DLL Suite. This application can solve the errors on the DLL in no time and can make the computer error free again. This specially designed missing DLL files fixer software fixes the DLL related issues by replacing the required files from its database.

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