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DLL missing errors and how to solve them

DLL files are very important, and a shortage of these files can make it very difficult for someone to access their PC. Missing DLL files may also instigate a computer to behave in a strange manner, such as not shutting down properly, slow functioning of the PC and obstacles while operating certain programs and files. There are a lot of software available in the market that claim to solve problems concerning .dll missing files, but very few tend to be genuine and deliver positive results.

How do DLL files go missing?

Accidently removing a program by using uninstall utility can cause DLL missing files.

Failure during installation of a certain program.

Failure in updating certain programs.

Manually copying files from one location to the other without performing a proper setup can make certain DLL files go missing.

Certain security software like Anti-virus software can also make DLL files disappear.

Not reformatting the computer for a long time.

Downloading other software doesn't help.

DLL missing Windows can cause certain programs to not run properly or stop midway while running. A user faced a problem like this. Whenever, she would start a program, it would stop suddenly and a message saying, 'msvcp110.dll missing' error would pop up. To get rid of this error message, she tried visiting many forums to get help and also installed and downloaded the latest version of Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable, but all her efforts went in vain. It was getting very difficult for her to work on her PC and her business started suffering a downfall.

Most of the times, remedies like manual repair, sfc /scannow and DISM also fail to solve missing dll issues like in the case of a beginner user, Zack. His Windows Vista desktop suddenly started to run very slowly and was making it difficult for him to load certain programs. He tried to run a scan using Windows Defender, after a few minutes, he got a DLL error message saying, C:/Windows/system32/wiavideo.dll and his PC suddenly froze. He tried turning it off and on again and tried scanning with Microsoft security scanner but nothing happened. He also tried a lot of remedies that his acquaintances suggested him like carrying out the sfc /scannow and DISM, but it didn't help much because he kept getting the same error message.

It can pop up anytime during start-up

DLL missing entry point errors can pop up anytime, and cause havoc while utilizing the computer for various reasons. For a computer enthusiast, Jaedon, his love for computers also couldn't help him fix DLL errors which kept occurring when he tried to start up his computer. On start-up, the error message saying, rtupdsvxet.dll would suddenly occur on his PC. According to experts, this problem was occurring because it was possible that the DLL files could belong to an application which was installed in the PC and the file was corrupt or missing. This error message could also be displayed because of a security threat like a malware or a virus. An outdated antivirus could also have been a possible cause for this error.

Sometimes, two DLL error messages can also pop up at one time. Another user Reggie from New Jersey was getting not one, but two DLL is missing errors. This made it more difficult for him to solve this problem. The first being, c:\Windows\ system32\nvmctray_dll and the second being c\Windows\system32\nvcpl.dll would appear out of nowhere when his PC would boot up to the desktop screen. He tried updating his Anti-virus several times and also tried performing the sfc/ scannow, but none of these methods could make the obstinate DLL errors go away.

Prevents certain programs from functioning

Another user faced similar issues. The missing dll file was preventing the program called Evidence Eliminator from working properly on her Windows Vista desktop. She did not have any restore point or image backup that would recover all the lost files. The error message, 'DLL is missing from your computer' would pop up when she tried launching Evidence Eliminator, she tried to reinstall an updated version of Windows, but this technique failed to work and she couldn't use the program at all. This problem could have occurred due to downloading and using a pirated version of Windows downloaded from the internet. She tried a lot of remedies such as, rebooting and reinstalling Microsoft Works, downloading Hotfix from Microsoft and running a malware scan, but none of these remedies seemed to fix this DLL file is missing error.

How to go about this error?

It is recommended to download DLL Suite to make these DLL errors vanish. This also makes the computer faster and will also protect it from different security threats that can compromise a user's personal data.

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