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DLL Suite can help with the reinstallation of Windows DLL files that go missing on the computer system.

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DLL missing errors on Windows systems

Errors on DLL files appear on any Windows system leading to dll not found errors. These PC issues are particularly tough to handle as each system has so many of them. Of course, the only time that the files do have issues is when something happens to them. This is any kind of event that happens on or to the computer itself. It may be initiated by the user or by the system depending on how it's been configured the installing of updates if this settings have been set to the automatic mode, setting up a new program on the PC, upgrading any or all of the programs on the computer, getting a Trojan or any malware downloaded onto Windows.

Windows errors where the DLL files are missing can be introduced onto the PC this way. They can show up in various ways and on different programs - much like the ones shown below.

Files that are damaged by viruses:

The Viper Security programs installed on Huntington's laptops had detected some malware. This software had managed to quarantine those files but they were only deleted through the Safe Mode. So Sam had rebooted the PC into this safe mode and had carefully deleted each file. He had also installed Malware Bytes and scanned the computer with it. Once he was sure that the computer was safe, he restarted it one more time. This time Windows started to act up because some of the files had been corrupted by these viruses. It meant that the dll is missing from your computer and created these issues:

Videos files could not be run in the full screen mode.

The media players or applications crashed due to file missing errors.

Windows could not recognize many of the removable devices that had been used on it previously.

The system had slowed down and its performance worsened when programs were opened.

System Downtime after installing updates:

Hunter in Georgia had just loaded the Windows 8 system onto her computer. She had used it without facing any issues till she had run one big update. This was the update that would boost her system to Window 8.1 and Julia installed it. Once that patch was done installing, she was then able to continue using it normally. But it began to show her this dll missing entry error. The computer could still be used and did not show any other signs of issues anywhere else. Julia had no idea why this error was there or which programs used the files. The name of the files mentioned on the error message kept changing.

Random file errors on system start-up:

A Windows 8 user named Coleman faced the same issue on his laptop. A dll was not found error showed up on screen when an application was running on the laptop. The message had described just one file and defined it as a system error. There was more to it. It stated that the program could not start as this DLL file was missing from his computer, and a reinstallation was needed.

His laptop was functioning properly despite this stubborn error on Windows start-up. He had noticed that Internet Explorer browser would freeze occasionally. Other times, he could not print out any Web pages. Edward was downloading any new programs onto the PC to try to fix it. He only required that one file.

The kind of troubleshooting that does not work:

These clients had not run any of the general troubleshooting steps for these missing Windows file issues. This is because they had so many that they could choose from. The only problem is that they didn't suit the error on their computers that were very specific:

Apply any Windows updates that may be available.

Reboot the computer into Safe Mode to run system scanners.

Carry out a full repair install of the Windows system.

Troubleshoot for any hardware issues and install updates for those drivers.

Run a clean installation of Windows.

These steps would simply bring them back to where they began. That is, they knew that some Dll file on the system was damaged and it had to be fixed.

Installing a custom file repair tool:

There is this one tool that can help recover any Dll file that is missing. It could be deleted, corrupted or moved from its original location. With this tool installed on the PC, anyone can download any Dll file used by Windows, restore the Dll file to get their computers working again, repair the any file that may be corrupted or damaged, recovers files that are lost through various forms of corruptions.

The computers could only work again after this tool was set up on them. DLL Suite had been used to replace any missing dll files.

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