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DLL not found - issues and solution

The issues of dll missing are one of the most annoying problems you may face while using a computer. This issue can cause a huge amount of damage to the machine and make the programs installed on it non-responsive to your commands. The problems which arise due to loss of DLL can range from a slow PC to application crashing at frequent intervals. It can also lead to the dreaded Blue Screen of Death where the computer is unable to run any further and shuts itself down. Here are some of the instances where the issue arising due to DLL can cause serious trouble for you.

Problems while working on applications:

Sometimes after an upgrade, few applications become non-responsive. You may notice that after upgrading your computer from Windows 7 to Windows 8 Professional, some of the newly installed applications do not open at your request. You may be able to see the splash screen of the applications like Teracopy on your computer when you click on them, but after that, the application may shut down all of a sudden. You can face this issue multiple times on multiple applications on your computer.

These types of problems arise in some cases due to some dll is missing from your computer. To solve the issue, you can refresh your machine by changing the computer's settings to default. But sometimes this does not resolve the issue and you could be unable to use your computer freely.

Problems on reboot:

Occasionally you may find that your computer with Windows XP crashes and reboots itself on a loop during start-up. The error message on the computer screen during the crash may tell you that due to a dll missing entry, the computer is unable to start. In some cases, responsible file can be obdcint.dll.

To manually resolve the issue, you can run the Windows XP Recovery Disk and then change the Bios settings to make the computer boot from the disk first. Then do run the Windows recovery to correct the issue. However changing the BIOS settings can be dangerous if you do not have enough knowledge on BIOS. One wrong command and you can do a more serious damage to your computer.

Problems in running Adobe PDF:

Sometimes your copy of Adobe PDF may not open on you Window 7 running computer, and the error message that pops up on the computer screen may tell you that the telemetry.dll could not be found on the computer. This error of the DLL can be quite annoying and you may not know how to resolve the issue.

Problems while using the calculator:

You may find in few cases where the default application like the Calculator crashes after launch. It may happen after you have upgraded your computer to Windows 10 from Window 8.1. This can probably happen sometimes due to dll is missing in the Windows Registry. To correct the issue, you can remove and then reinstall the calculator into the computer. In most case, this step corrects the issue and makes the calculator accessible again. But if they do not, then you can rely on dll missing fixer software to resolve the issue.

Problems in installing McAfee:

If you have a computer from Dell and are facing issues while installing the antivirus McAfee on your machine, then sometimes it may happen due to some issues in the DLL of the computer. The related DLL file can be corrupted or missing because of which you are unable to install the application. If you search online, you may find some solutions for correcting the errors, but in most cases, they are very complicated. If you are a novice user, then these steps might prove very difficult for you. An easy alternative could be trusted a DLL repair software which replaces the faulty DLL files with correct ones.

Best fixing method for this issue:

To correct the issues related to the DLL, you can use the DLL Suite. This DLL error fixing tool can correct the issues related to the DLL swiftly and make your computer DLL error free. This specially designed application replaces the outdated or corrupted DLL files with the new and updated versions of them. Also, it simultaneously re-registers them into the Windows Registry for your benefit. Some other qualities of this application are:

Easy to use.

Compatible with over 75 different versions of Windows.

Available in 21 different languages like German, French, Portuguese, etc.

Trusted by millions of computer users to correct the faults of the DLL.

You can trust this application completely to resolve issues on your computer or laptop arising due to dll was not found error.

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