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A runDll error during the startup phase is something which you would always want to avoid and the ultimate choice in this regard is the DLL Suite.

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Diagnose and troubleshoot Dll error in the best way

Regardless of whether you are willing to adopt a careful approach or not, uncertainties and errors are a part of the overall computation process. There are certain types which are introduced by the computers and the rest by humans. Unless the right set of approaches is adopted, in order, to put to rest similar types of errors, you could find it really difficult to be able to carry out even a singular task. Besides; there might be occasions wherein identical issues could convert the system into nothing more but one sort of a mechanical junk. A dll error is one common type and this sort of a fault begins with another software entity. In order to proceed with the troubleshooting task, it is imperious to take a minute note of the Dynamic Link Library file responsible behind triggering the fault, the file path and the program which threw a similar error. Well, locating the fault is not always easy, especially if you hold a limited amount of technical knowledge and understanding.

Errors during Application Launch Phase

A look at some of the common types of issues shall benefit your cause till a great extent. On Lenovo 3000 N100 loaded with Windows Vista Home Basic, it might happen that after applying the last automatic update, an error pop-up appears while attempting to proceed with the launch phase of certain programs. The error pop-up clearly mentions that C:\Windows\ system32\WSOCK32_dll was either not designed to run on Windows or it probably was corrupted due to an error. At the top of the pop-up error window, the name of the program attempted to be run remains displayed, and it says that it is a fault copy. Some of the affected programs due to a similar type of a Dll issue are Winamp, Firefox, iTunes, Deep Burner (a program to burn CDs), e-mail scanner component of AVG antivirus and Pando. The error text getting displayed clearly mentions that the problematic file is WSOCK32.dll.

Desktop Icon Not Visible

There are several occasions when every single time an attempt is made to launch a PC, the explorer.exe error often gets highlighted. A pop-up gets displayed stating that the Normaliz.dll file is missing from the precise path. This is a fault which occurs even when the system is booted in the Safe Mode. In a similar case, the only thing which works is the Task Manager and nothing else. In fact, there is not any desktop icon present, all that is visible is a blank screen. This sort of a Dll problem makes it really a difficult task to be able to benefit from normal system operation in any way and hence you shall be forced to decide on the lines as how to get the same fixed without unnecessary delay.

VB Program Fails to Work

A VB4 program using which you have been working without any problem for the last few years might all of a sudden stop working. Without least interference on your part, you may observe that the application suffers from a sudden crash. The error details include information as - Exception code 0xc0000005, Fault offset 0x000532ae and Faulting process id 0x66c. A closer look into a similar fault shall let you know that this error has something or the other to do with an OC30. DLL problems - Program has stopped working.

ANSYS Software Cannot Function

Every time you attempt to run ANSYS software, you may come across an error pop-up denoting that AnsysWB.exe has stopped working. A look at the event viewer clearly suggests that the opengl32.dll file in all likelihood is triggering a similar form of a crash. Even after performing a clean installation of Windows 10, you shall observe that a similar problem shall always keep persisting. In this particular type of the opengl32.dll error, you shall be able to unearth error details as - Exception Code: 0xc0000005, Fault Offset: 0x00000000000cf13a and Faulting Process Id: 0x250c. This type of Dll issues is certainly not something which you shall be able to put to rest by running the 'SFC /scannow' command.


To be able to fix DLL errors, it is best to look around for an effective tool like DLL Suite.

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