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Different DLL errors and fixing them

DLL files are used in different programs at the same time. As a result, there are many problems that come up while using various programs that run on DLL files. There are many causes for DLL modules getting corrupted. The errors in DLL files can be caused by faulty hardware drivers. Sometimes it is caused by malware or virus attacks.

As there are various DLL errors that can occur on a system, there are some DLL errors fixing methods available too. But it is very important for someone to understand which method to use.

DLL error on installing diagnostic tool:

Sometimes one may want to install some diagnostic software in order to turn the computer into a complete diagnostic system tool. However, in this process, one may come against an error on DLL file that needs fixing.

One such recorded incident says that after buying the Honda Diagnostic System from an online store and installing it there is the appearance of an error. The error informs that the DLL module npptools.dll is missing.

Printer failing to print:

Another common problem that is filed frequently involves a printer that is failing to print any document. The printer is mostly from HP. Whenever one tries to print a test page the error number 0x7e appears. When the event log is viewed one can see that the faulting module is FXSUI.DLL. This scenario takes place after installing Windows 7 Service Pack 1. One can try manual DLL errors fixing way but it is not recommended.

Error after upgrading Windows:

After upgrading a Dell Inspiron laptop from Windows 8 to Windows 10 one may notice a series of DLL errors while starting up the system. The DLL errors which need fixing are Radeon .dll, QT5Core.dll, Qt5Quick.dll, Qt5Charts.dll, Qt5Widgets.dll. It happens only if the laptop has AMD Radeon R4 video driver installed.

The appropriate fix:

As one can see from the above article, it is possible that DLL errors can occur anytime on any system. Someone may feel enticed to solve the issue manually. But there is an even easy DLL errors fixing method available. One just needs to download DLL Suite software to take care of any DLL errors.

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