Atikmdag.sys error

To resolve various Atikmdag sys type error occurring in Windows, download DLL Suite in your PC today.

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Different type of Atikmdag sys error

Atikmdag sys error can occur in Windows PC randomly at any given point of time. It can happen during Windows start-up, while using a particular application like game, video application etc. The application or system might freeze or it might abruptly crash with blue screen error. After than an error message might appear on the screen stating that the 'display driver has stopped responding'. Read the article to know various Atikmdag.sys errors and the way to troubleshoot the error.

BSOD in Windows 8.1

Due to some graphic driver issue, you can face frequent BSOD in Windows 8.1 PC. There can be multiple BSOD in a day. Even if you uninstall all the graphics drivers and reinstall the latest video drivers the blue screen might still happen. Along with the blue screen, an error code might appear on the screen saying that display driver atikmdag.sys has stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

To fix the issue you can try removing and resetting all cards, including memory, and cables. If this doesn't help then to resolve the Atikmdag sys error, you can download file fixer from the verified site and get rid of the issue permanently.

atikmdag.sys issue in Windows 7

Video drivers can create a lot of issues for Windows 7 users. If you install the video drivers from windows update you can get frequent blue screen error due to Atikmdag sys.

To fix the issue manually you can try following method.

Start computer in safe mode with networking.

Download and install Driver Sweeper.

Start the Driver Sweeper program.

Check the ATI Display box and click on the clean button as it will delete ALL ATI drivers from the system.

Reboot computer. Now remove any CCC program via add/remove programs.

Find the original driver that was there before the upgrade by using the disk that came with the video card.

Blue screen error in Windows 10

While playing any game or using any specific application, you can face random BSOD error in Windows 10 PC. If you analyze the dump file, you will see that the BSOD is caused by atikmdag sys related errors. atikmdag.sys BSOD can happen in Windows PC due to various reasons.

Let you understand the atikmdag sys related BSOD error better and try to resolve the issue. If the issue occurs while using a specific application, then that means the issue is caused by corrupt file. This kind of issue may be solved by performing a clean installation of the application. If the error occurs because Microsoft DirectX files are outdated or corrupt then the issue can be solved by reinstalling Microsoft DirectX. If the problem is caused because the motherboard's BIOS/chipset drivers are outdated. Then you can fix the problem by installing BIOS / chipset driver updates. But you can instead download dll file fixer and easily resolve the issue without any complications.

Proper way to deal with the issue

The best way to deal with atikmdag sys errors is by downloading DLL Suite. This software is a wonderful to get rid of the issue, and it is compatible with all Windows PC. Other than fixing error, this tool can also optimize PC's performance.

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