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Different ways to recover dll files on Windows

Sometimes, you will see an error on the PC saying that a DLL file is missing. There are many ways to interpret this error. It always means that certain files are corrupted and Windows can't read them. This might happen if the computer failed to start up properly. Other times, the files that Windows uses get corrupted owing to failure of hardware such as the disk. To prevent losing out any unsaved data, you can:

Run any of the command line tools like the system file checker.

Use the DISM or the Check Disk too.

You can also verify that the files haven't been actually deleted or moved. If you've run through all of these checks, you might have to recover deleted dll files. This can be done by reinstalling the files again. It's a very complex process, but it is the only way to fix this error. Here are some situations in which Windows files usually go missing.

Files that are missing from Windows 8:

Installing big games like Dungeon Hunter 5 on this system is a bit tricky. The game does get installed to the computer and is initially playable. Then you shut down the game and carry with some other work on the PC. If you come back to the game, you will be shown an error with missing files. When you check the computer you discover that:

Installed games files are missing.

The install folder does have these required files.

You are unable to play the game even if the file can be seen on the PC.

First think about how that game was installed. This kind of trouble is associated with using an image file in place of the generic installer on Windows 8. This problem comes with installing a game completely online without the use of a disc. Windows may not recognize such files and create issues with loading them. Recovering the missing dll files is the only way to fix this error.

Replacing files on Windows 7:

In certain situations, it might be obvious that you have to replace these files. If your Windows 7 system is missing various kinds of dll files, you might not be able to do much on it. All applications or system features will be prevented from working because:

The system had suspended them to avoid further damages to the registry.

The application relied on those DLL files to work.

But how will you recover these missing Windows DLL files? To do that, your PC should have some restore points saved on it. The system restore feature can use these points to reinstall those files. This repair process can be substituted with an image backup. Reinstalling Windows is the last option if you have neither of these choices. A quicker way that's effective too is to install Windows dll recovery tool that can help restore missing dll files.

Files that are corrupted when Windows is clean installed:

Clean installing the system to fix some errors on it can lead to similar errors. Extra skill is required to understand this error only because most symptoms won't be visible. In a clean install, you reload the entire system using the same install disc. Usually this fix is a success but there have been some complaints about missing files. The Windows Old folder is there but it lacks some important files. Adding to this, lots of data will be stored to the disk, but you won't be able to view it. At first you can:

Access the Properties tab on this folder.

Unpick the Read Only option on it.

You will start to see all of the data that should be on the new system. That means that the data really is there. It's just that it isn't accessible to the system for some reason. If you can't seem to get that data back on the system, then install Windows dll recovery software that can recover all dll files.

This solution can work on any Windows PC:

The files on a system can get corrupted through use or reinstallation of the Windows. There are plenty of tools that recover my dll files on the PC. Windows system files are damaged by:

Over clocking the CPU on the system. This takes place gradually when you install too many applications. The system really is taking on more than its designed to handle.

Keeping damaged, empty and invalid entries on the registry.

Allowing unused junk files to build up on the PC.

DLL Suite can be installed to recover Windows dll files created by computer issues like these. It's a pretty good chance of getting all files back. It can be used to target specific files that develop into errors. Run it when you feel that Windows needs to be optimized thoroughly.

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