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A DLL or Dynamic Link Language, it is a library that encompasses code and data that at the same time, it can be utilized by more than one program. A program can be modularized into separate components using a DLL. Moreover, without disturbing other program parts, updates are easier to apply to each module with DLL. Though enriched with lists of usefulness, DLL files might go corrupt or missing at times due to varied issues. Time comes when virus attacks, improper installation of any program, or inappropriate start-up or shut-down of computer lead to DLL errors.

DLL error is one of the most common errors that any PC users might have encountered. This dreaded error can be resolved by using some popular repairing tools and software, however wouldn't it be great to fully understand the problem before taking any final step? In this article you are going to find the common issues that most Windows users face along with the solution.

Issues that can generate with the error

Issues related to any .dll error must not be overlooked. It should be checked right at the very beginning to avoid any further risk to the system. Below you will find some of the generic complaints among most Windows users.

Several programs refuse to load

Loading issues are a common resultant to this error. Time comes when users while trying to open any of the programs or applications in their PC, they have to face with loading issues and other related issues. According to a Windows 7 user, for the last few days, he is coming across with missing .dll files. He have to face several program's refusal to run, stating that MSVCR100.dll, MSVCR100.dll, MSVCR110.dll and such files are missing. Soon after this, he tried to install the Visual C++ resist package to repair DLL issue, however this did not solve dll problem.

Games launching error

PC games are the most trending and enjoyable part of the youngsters' life. It is the perfect tool to boost energy within us. But, time comes when these games face issues. According to a Windows consumer, a series of games like Red Orchestra 2, Sanctum, Dead Island, Monday Night Combat and From Dust fails to run on his computer. Every time he tries to load it, he always receives an error related to .dll files that end up with failure in launching the game. In order to fix DLL error, he contacted customer support and did as instructed. However he didn't found any positive result.

Failure in loading Office 2013

In word of another customer, who runs Windows 7 Ultimate-64 bit, tried to load Office 2013 from the MSDN site. He tried to install both the en_office_professional_plus_2013_x64_dvd_1123674.iso and the en_office_professional_plus_2013_x86_x64_dvd_1135709.iso, but each time he receives the same error message that the application was unable to start correctly.

Issue in opening PDF files

PDF or Portable Document Format, it is a file format that owes all the elements of a printed document as an electronic image. This image assists users to view, navigate, print or to forward others. Time comes when files related to this application come across with issues. In words of a consumer who runs Windows Office Home and Student 2007 with 64 bit system, in attempting to open a pdf file in Windows Live email, he come across with repetitive error message that the file does not have a program associated with it to perform this action along with the above error.

In addition to this, after attempting to update Adobe Reader, a software that manages PDF files, the user failed in updating because of missing MSVCR71.dll.

Problems while watching online videos

It is a recent problem from a Windows 10 users. To him, whenever he opens browsers like Chrome, IE8 or Firefox in order to watch videos on varied websites, his computer doesn't allow so by saying that the plug in is missing along with a dll error. The user went through many troubleshooting processes to resolve DLL error like system scan, memory test and junk cleaning, but all the effort went vain.

Best way to troubleshoot the error

Are you finding the above issues common? Do you face pop-ups related to DLL errors while running any program? Then without any delay, it is suggested to go for the best dll fix tool from a secured site only after a proper research. When it comes to repairing DLL error from PC, it is better to install DLL Suite. This particular dll repair tool will work on your computer system in a professional way thus delivering you a healthy computer system.

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