D3dcompiler_43.dll not found

D3dcompiler_43 error can appear on your computer screen while starting any game; you can download the DLL Suite software in your PC and fix D3dcompiler_43.dll not found error on it successfully.

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Easy process of fixing D3dcompiler_43 dll missing error

D3dcompiler_43.dll error can appear on your computer screen while playing any game or starting some programs. This issue is generally caused by an issue with Microsoft DirectX. The d3dcompiler_43.dll file is one of the many files contained in DirectX software collection. DirectX is used by Most Windows based games and applications, so if D3dcompiler_43.dll goes missing from the PC, you can face issue in running DirectX based games and application. To know more about the issue, please go through the article.

Issue in running a game in Windows 8.1

You can have issues with Microsoft DirectX in your Windows 8.1 PC while trying to run a game called "Orion: Prelude" through Steam. While trying to run the game manually, you can get a pop-up error message that denotes that D3dcompiler_43.dll is not designed to run on the computer or may be it contains an error.

To resolve the issue, you can try re-installing the game. If the reinstallation doesn't help then you can install 2010 DirectX redistributable. If this method also fails, then you can download a DLL fixing software to fix the error.

Error in launching Assassin creed 4 in Windows 7

If you are a Windows 7 user then you can face issue in launching certain games like Assassin Creed in your PC. The issue can happen due to missing D3dcompiler_43 dll. To fix the issue, you can try reinstalling the game and updating Microsoft DirectX software.

Unable to install game in Windows 10

Windows 10 PC users can face various issues while installing certain games and applications in their PC. When you try to install any Windows based game, you can get an error message saying that "The program cannot start because D3DCOMPILER_43.dll is missing from your computer".

D3Dcompiler_43.dll issues are caused if there is any issue with Microsoft DirectX. To fix this issue, you can update DirectX by applying the latest Windows Updates. If that doesn't help then you can install all the Windows update and then try installing the game again.

Problem in running Need for Speed

You can face issue in running the game Needs for Speed in your PC due to some missing dll files. While trying to run the game, you can get an error message saying that "unable to run the game because D3DCOMPILER_43 dll is missing".

To fix the issue, you can try running the DirectX Web Installer. Sometimes issue also happens due to corrupt DX files. In this case, you can delete the D3DCOMPILER.dll file and run the Web Installer again as it will replace the missing file with a new copy. If this doesn't help, then you can download the full DirectX installer package and reinstall all DX files.

Proper way of fixing dll issue

The best way of fixing missing D3dcompiler_43.dll issue is by downloading DLL Suite. This software efficiently fixes the error and keeps the PC safe from all kinds of security threats. Other than that, this tool also helps optimize PC's performance.

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