Missing DLL File

Windows PC can face host of issues if any DLL file is missing or was not found in the system; users can solve the issue by downloading DLL Suite in their machine today.

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Errors caused by missing DLL files

DLL files are important for PC as it helps to run the programs. If any DLL is missing from the PC, a lot of issues can happen in the machine. There can be issue during Windows start-up and shut-down, certain programs might fail to run and there can issue during program installation as well. Read the article to know more about the errors.

Error during Windows start-up

Missing Dlls can cause various issues in the PC and hamper its proper functioning. A user named Ana complains that missing DLL file is causing a lot of issue during Windows start-up. Every time during Windows start-up, she would get an error message saying that sqlite.dll is missing from the PC. Due to this missing dll, Windows takes a lot of time to start up and shut down. She would often face trouble during certain program installation as well.

Users can download DLL file fixing tool and resolve the error.

Trouble while using Windows Media player

Due to DLL file missing issues, users can face trouble in playing music and videos in Windows Media player. A user named Chris reported that suddenly he started facing trouble in playing songs and videos in Windows Media Player in Windows 10 64-bits PC. When he tried to play any song, he would get an error message saying that "The program can't start because VCOMP140.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem."

Users can run system file checker as administrator and try to resolve the issue manually. But if the problem persists even after that, then they can download DLL file fixing tool and resolve the DLL missing issue.

DLL not found issue while running a game

Missing DLL can create issue while running some program. A user named Ashley complains that whenever she tries to run any game in her Dell PC, she gets an error message saying that "The program can't start because MSVCR71.dll is missing from the computer." She could easily download and install the game but issue arises when she tries to play the game. She didn't face any such issue before; the problem started arising after upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

Users can try to fix the issue by the following method:

Manually register the missing DLL modules by using Microsoft Register Server.

Repair invalid DLL entry.

Remove or restore deleted DLL from the Windows Recycle bin.

Conduct a full malware and virus scan.

Update PC device drivers.

Run Windows system File checker.

Install all available Windows updates.

If these methods fail then users can download DLL file fixer from a trusted website and fix the issue.

Best way to deal with the issue

If .dll file is missing from the computer system and causing various errors, then users can download DLL Suite. This software can download the missing .dll files and repair the 'DLL was not found' issues. This software can also optimizes PC's performance along with resolving the Windows error.

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