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Find out the right technique to repair DLL errors

If you get worried about how to find out the right technique to repair dll errors on the PC, then it is suggested that you should not be. This article is all about how to fix dll errors that predominantly lead to software or system crashes on different versions of Windows operating system. A read through this article is certainly going to be helpful for you in a long run.

Microsoft OneNote error

Dll error can appear at any moment while working on the system. It is possible that during the start-up of any software program like Microsoft OneNote, an error message can occur saying the program can't start because api-ms-win-core-synch-l1-2-0.dll is missing from your computer. And give a command of reinstalling the program to fix this problem. Running System File Checker does nothing, except leaving an error message - some corrupted files have been found, but unable to fix them. To get rid of this issue, even reinstalling of the program does not help. But you do not need to be worried about this error, because the solution is damn easy. You just try to follow this write-up completely.

Microsoft Office Word related issue

Microsoft Office Word is an important software application. It is necessary in everyday work purpose - from school to office. But sometimes you have to face error while using this application, if there is anything going wrong in the system. You often can notice, whenever you try to open the application, an error message pops up on the system screen. The error message states Microsoft Office Word has stopped working on the PC. To find out the reason for this error, you need to enter the Event Viewer option by typing 'Event' in the Start Menu. From the event Viewer error logs, you may come to know that winword.exe as the faulty application and csi.dll as the faulty module.

That means the file has been corrupted on the PC. In order to repair dll files free, you have to repair the faulty dll file. If you repair it, then it will be possible for you to run the application properly on the PC.

Unable to open any RAR file

WinRAR software application can also come across several dll errors. Whenever you try to open an RAR file using this WinRAR software application, you may encounter an error message, which says comctl32.dll is corrupt or missing in the PC. You need to repair the corrupt dll file to resolve this error. According to computer experts, this type of error generally appears, if the file has been hidden by any kind of virus or the file has been infected by the virus. But if you are a novice in the computer, then how can you be able to fix this issue on the PC?

You may try to end it up by downloading the file from the internet. But this is not the right solution. Randomly downloading any file from any fake website can give your system a lot of malware or viruses. So you should avoid that method, if you want a smooth working computing device.

Windows Live Messenger installation error

The dll error also can occur whenever you try to install any application on the PC. At the time of installing Windows Live Messenger software application, it shows an error message - msxml3.dll is infected on the system. After that it throws Windows Live Messenger installation error code 0x80072ee6. If you want to install the application properly on the system, then you should repair the dll file on the PC. Running sfc/scannow does not help to fix this issue. System Restore process also will not be helping in this regard.

Issue with Google Chrome browser

You often can find yourself unable to use the Google Chrome browser application. Whenever you try to open Google Chrome, it crashes immediately on the PC. And the Event Viewer error logs show that faulting application name: chrome.exe and faulting module name: ntdll.dll. It means the file may get corrupted on the system. And the application crashes due to the corruption of this dll file. You may get annoyed to deal with such issues on the PC. But you are already on the verge of the solution method of such errors.

Let's meet the solution part

Have you been looking for an ideal solution to remove the faulty files on the computer. Well, try to install the excellent DLL Suite from VSKsoft and put an end to all issues easily. The tools usually fix damaged dll files and prevent such issues from budding up on the system again.

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