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Initial Round of Discussion:

The past several years have seen an explosion of techniques and technologies so as to wring more performance out of a processor. In fact; system designers have made tremendous effort to develop the improvements which users take for granted each time they boot their system. The underlying motive behind the same is to help the gamut of system users to score high both in terms of 'Throughput' and 'Reliability' - both of which are well associated with the modern day world of computing. But, there are situations when the PC fails to carry out its intended set of tasks, especially when issues specifically related to dynamic link library files necessarily creep in.

For a novice system user, it is not an easy task to decide upon the ways so as to fix dll errors. The reason is that in order to tackle similar issues, it becomes imperative to know about the source behind similar faults taking place. In this context, it needs to be understood that the dynamic link library files are not executable and hence rely upon some of the other programs so as to be able to function properly. In most cases than not, such issues take place with some of the other software programs. Therefore; it is even more necessary to take an apt note of the file, the path where the file is located and the application specific to which this sort of an issue essentially gets highlighted. Now, with the limited amount of technical understanding, it is a bit too much to expect from a novice system user to be able to proceed with the troubleshooting strategy necessarily involved all alone. Hence, the better approach is to look around for the best error rectification tool available for download.

Internet Explorer Specific Issues:

To make the picture clearer, let's discuss some of the common types of issues known to interfere with the normal operation. After an upgrade process to Windows 8.1 is necessarily carried out, it is often perceived that a string of issues and other problems are encountered with Internet Explorer 11. There are certain pages which fail to load in a correct way, some of which just keep freezing almost on a random basis, and some which result in the browser experiencing a sudden & an inadvertent form of crash, while some pages that are able to load in the right way - without any necessary glitch. Further; using the F12 Developer Tools results in a script error getting highlighted, which is triggered by the Developer Tools themselves and certainly not the page which is being accessed. Clearly, such a type of the fault categorically remains related to an invalid file / directory path. It is not the case that a similar sort of a fault begins to show off immediately after the upgrade process is completed, but essentially happens a day or two later. Contrary to what many would most likely believe, this is not always a fault which is caused because of the enhanced protected mode enabled for most of the websites. So, it is best to look around for the best ways to fix dll error.

Skyrim Application Related Error

Again, it often happens that whenever a try is made to launch the Skyrim game or the Skyrim Creation Kit, an error gets highlighted clearly suggesting something like - "The procedure entry point D3DKMTOpenSyncObjectFromNtHandle in no way could be located in the dynamic link library GDI32.dll". This type of an issue is a bit unusual as because the required version of the DLL file is aptly placed at its precise path i.e. - the Windows / Systems folder and the Skyrim / Creation Kit folder. An attempt to uninstall and reinstall the Skyrim application several times hardly proves to be of any avail, as far as, addressing a similar type of the fault remains in sheer focus and thought. This again is a type of a fault which makes it a lot more difficult to be able to decide on the right set of ways to repair dll problems.

Computer Crashes Due to Coolcore60.dll error

In the realm of computing, there are few things which can be as disturbing as a PC crash. This is exactly the case which happens because of Coolcore60.dll error. When this sort of a crash happens, most of the programs including the AOL Desktop 9.7, Internet Explorer, Google and Firefox switch to a white screen mode and such applications cannot be closed with the "X" button. The only option left is to go to the task manager and then close the programs from there itself. This is another scenario wherein it becomes necessary to find out the right ways to repair dll problem.


To be able to resolve dll issue, as those mentioned above in this write-up and those much beyond, it is best to look around for DLL Suite.

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