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Now, more than ever, troubleshooting any specific PC related problem demands a fair level of understanding about the system hardware and the OS, along with detailed & thorough knowledge about the associated symptoms and diagnostics. In case you have been using your computer daily, it is virtually impossible that you have never received any specific type of computer related issue. At least at some point in the time or the other you must have been bothered with a system error similar to the sxstrace exe problem. At the first sight of a similar type of the fault, you are most likely to remain at a loss towards it. But, when a similar sort of an issue keeps occurring continually, you are sure to lose your patience with it. However; you need not to worry any longer, and simply relax! At the end of this write-up, focus shall be imparted on what could be the ideal fixing strategy worth-adopting.

Launch Phase of Application Remains Hindered:

At most times than not, you might have noticed that it becomes quite a difficult task to be able to start a new program better termed as - Scrivener 2.4.1, which is basically one type of a powerful content-generation tool. The fault message, which appears right in front of the screen, says something like - "It seems as though the program has failed to launch because its side-by-side configuration is not in a correct state". In a similar case, you are most likely to be advised to take a look at the application event log or use the command-line sxstrace.exe tool for more details. Unless this type of a fault gets fixed, there can be no way that you shall be able to make use of the Scrivener 2.4.1 application and compose the text in any manner you would necessarily like. So, the one way of addressing this sort of an issue is to address the sxstrace.exe problem.

Microsoft Excel Fails to Launch:

Another annoying type of an issue which could worry you the most is when in no way is it possible to launch Microsoft Excel any longer. An error pop-up always remains associated saying that - "Application configuration error". This is a really nerve-racking type of an issue which can in no way be fixed even after uninstalling, reinstalling and cleaning the registry several times. In a similar sort of the sxstrace exe error, the error message goes on like this - "The launch phase of this application failed to complete as the side-by-side configuration is in an incorrect state".

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Gaming Application Fault:

The side-by-side incorrect configuration error often remains associated along with the Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Flight Simulation PC game) application and this could bother you significantly. Seldom does this sort of an issue in any way get fixed by contacting the Flight Simulator support. In some way or the other, this issue remains specifically related to a specific type of sxstrace.exe error and hence needs to be eliminated without the least delay.


DLL Suite is a credible product and with the aid of the same, it is possible to fix any particular type of sxstrace exe issue.

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