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Fixes for the explorer.exe problem on Windows

Every program and feature of the Windows system is run by some kind of file. The name of these files will end with an .exe extension. This usually means that the file is of an executable format. That is, users can click on it to run it. Sometimes a certain program can load these files as well. These programs are dependent on them to work. When the application can't be started, it's these files that you will have to look into. There's a big possibility that the files have some problems on them. Other times, Windows itself helps with identifying these issues. This is how users come to know about various Explorer.exe problems.

Windows Explorer.exe Association error:

Some clients find this Explorer.exe problem to be a bit odd. Karl saw this on his computer too. It only affected the Windows Explorer and not the other executable files. A Dialog box always opened when trying to start up the explorer.exe. It said that this file did not have any program associated for performing this action. This message told Karl that he could fix this explorer.exe error by:

Install a program that the Explorer.exe could use.

If a program was installed, to create an association between it and the Explorer.

This Association can be made in the Control Panel under the Default Programs tab.

It took Karl a while to understand what this error meant. While searching for various explanations, he had uncovered some fixes too. He had gone to the Control panel location as shown on the error. There were no programs that went by this name anywhere on this protocol list. Karl could have overlooked this Explorer exe problem save for one thing. He would have to go to the Start Menu and click on the Computer tab to access the Windows Explorer. The other means for solving this problem was to edit the registry.

Standard ways of fixing this error:

To further troubleshoot explorer exe error, Karl had run these Windows file fixing utilities from the Command Prompt:

chkdsk/f: This command line initiated the Check Disk. This scanner checked for any cause of the Explorer.exe errors and bad sectors on the disk. When this failed, he had applied the following procedure.

sfc/scannow: This is what loaded the System File Checker. This utility had looked for issues among the protected system files. Any damaged files would have been replaced by it except that it didn't find any.

This person had found on keyboard shortcut that would load the explorer.exe. However there was still the problem with the long error notice.

Any easier way to repair the files:

So to end this Explorer exe problems permanently, Karl installed DLL Suite. Via its interface, he had searched for an explorer.exe file. This software had found the right based on the system specifications. He downloaded this file in a few seconds and then installed it. This is a powerful tool that can repair any files corrupted through Application or Software problems, Viruses, Network or internet issues, and Crashes of the Windows system.

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