Wininet.dll error

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Fixing guide to wininet.dll errors

Wininet.dll of Windows operating system is a type of DLL file associated by Platforms, it is developed by Microsoft. The latest version of this file is Times come when this file breaks or corrupt or even missed due to varied reasons. Therefore, while using or installing certain programs or when Windows starts or shuts down or even during a Windows installation, the wininet.dll error messages appear. If this is the case with your PC as well, then it time to fix this issue as early as possible.

There are varied ways that wininet.dll problem can show up on your computer. Below are some of the common ways that you might see this error -

Cannot find [PATH]\wininet.dll.

Wininet.dll not found.

The file wininet.dll is missing.

Why wininet dll problem happens?

Improper start-up or shut-down of PC, incorrect installation or un-installation of any PC program, corrupted Windows registry, broken registry key, infected PC with viruses and malware are the common reasons behind this error. Right at the beginning if this error is not solved, with time, this error might turn to a serious error, leading to complete failure of the computer system. Below are the instances that can lead to this error.

Issue on Windows 7

According to a Windows 7 user, who uses an HP Mini 1000, rolled back the system to the earliest date in order to remove the files that he hardly needs. After this, when he rebooted, he had come across with a message saying Wininet.dll was not found. Then he tried to reboot the system in safe mode, but still he came through the same message. He even found the desktop screen blank and unable to use. He then tried varied ways to get rid of this problem, however nothing came out positive.

Issue on Windows XP

In words of Windows XP user, while running his computer he had to come across with sudden freeze of the whole system. Result to which he scanned for malware and viruses, yet he didn't came across with any virus related issues. Because he didn't have any back up disk, he tried to recover the whole system through computer. But this lead his PC to face more problem. His PC got blank desktop with no icons along with the error message that wininet.dll cannot found in explorer.exe.

Issue with Windows 10

According to Michel, a Windows 10 user, while using Windows Excel to complete his official task, suddenly it gone crashed showing a faulty module path Faulting module path: C:\Windows\syswow64\WININET.dll. Soon after he faced this, he did a virus scan and even called the customer support, however nothing could solve this issue.

Perfect way to overcome this issue

Whenever faced with any issue, there are people, who search for the error on the internet and download any available tool to fix it. But this should not be done. In order to avoid your PC from any further risk, a tool that delivers permanent solution maintaining security is the must be used. So before installing any such tool have a proper research and accordingly head for the installing process. DLL Suite is one such tool that can solve wininet dll error easily without harming your computer.

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