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The best sxstrace.exe fixing tool is definitely DLL Suite, when it comes to solving the issues that are related to the sxstrace.exe file.

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Fixing the sxstrace.exe errors with the best tool

When the sxstrace.exe goes for a toss due to some reason or the other, you have your task cut out. You need to turn to specific tools, which are categorically developed to deal with these issues and solve them. Before you zero in on the sxstrace.exe error fix tool, you need to know a few problems that have everything to do with the exe file in question.

Side by side configuration error on Windows 10

Sometimes, you are not able to launch GTA or GotoAccess if you have Windows 10. Every time you try so, you get a Side-by-Side configuration error with an sxstrace.exe missing error message. The message also says that the application failed to start as the side-by-side configuration is not correct.

This happens when the sxstrace.exe file gets into a conflict with the Windows Registry Key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\COMPONENTS\Winners\, thereby corrupting it and stopping the GTA from being launched. Only a quality sxstrace.exe fixing tool will be able to solve the issue. However, for this you need to shell out some expenses as these quality tools do not come for free. The average quality tools that are abundantly found for free are not able to solve the issues.

Skype for Business not running

After installation of Microsoft Office 2016 you may find that you are not able to run Skype for Business. As soon as you try to run the application, you are intimidated by an Application Error. This is also accompanied by an error message that says the application cannot be run as a critical component is either missing or not found.

This happens when the sxstrace.exe file is either missing or not found or has been overwritten by any virus or malware. This is something that cannot be solved with the help of any common error rectifier tools, or the tried and tested troubleshooting steps like running the Windows in safe mode and the likes. Even if these tools and techniques provide any solution, they do so only for a brief period of time. Only a quality tool to fix sxstrace.exe file comes to the rescue of the users.

The solution that counts

When it comes to solving all these sxstrace.exe file and related problems, you need to pick the sxstrace.exe fixer tool and what better tool can you find that DLL Suite?

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