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When DLL files get corrupted in the computer, you are most likely to get several types of error messages and other obstructions with the applications. Basically the DLL files are the supporting modules which help in running more than one application at a time. Therefore, it is very possible for you to witness issue with more than one particular application when these get corrupted. Wininet.dll is one of the important most supporting modules for your system which basically is allotted for internet related functions used by Windows. But the many more than the online applications get affected with the corruption of this files. Take a look at below for the details.

Brief on the file and the missing errors

The missing errors are pretty common with the DLL Files and this particular one is not an exceptional one. In this case, you can get several types of messages related to the wininet.dll missing file error on your system. Here are some of those.

You might get the CMD with black windows at the time of log in with the operating system which may get resolved with the input of the password. The operating system might have been upgraded in order to resolve the issues but the wininet.dll problem may fail to get resolved in this case. The system cannot be accessed and the Wininet dll not found error can pop up on the system screen. The detail of the error might come up with explorer.exe and look like this - 'Unable to Locate Component: This application has failed to start because WININET.dll was not found'.

On the laptop running with Windows 7 can give error message with the boot up of the same. The error message might be about 'the procedure entry point HttpIsHostHstsEnabled could not be located in the dynamic link library WININET.dll'. The reason behind the same can be the insufficient memory of the computer and the disk management tool cannot be accessed as well for the same Wininet.dll error.

With the file SynTPEnH.exe, System error, the boot up process can get affected in the computer. The error message 'the program can't start because WININET.dll is missing from your computer, try reinstalling the program to fix this problem' can crop up on the system screen with the same process. The reason behind the same can be the wininet dll problem.

With the crash of the apps

On the system running with Windows 7, the problem can start getting issues with the random crashing of the applications which are stored in the computer. With the crash, you might get the faulting application name of iexplore.exe which may have been corrupted with Wininet dll error. The error code can crop up on the system screen with the same. It is possible that even after the upgrade of the operating system, the problem crops up repeatedly.

In order to get rid of the problems, the installation of DLL Suite can be effective.

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