Windows 7 missing DLL files

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Getting rid of DLL missing errors in Windows 7

DLL errors are extremely troublesome and missing some of them can cause a lot of havoc in a user's life. Missing DLLs on a Windows 7 PC can make the system very slow and sluggish and can also cause it to crash unexpectedly. The worst part is the DLL errors can restrict the functioning of any program smoothly. Downloading an additional DLL file to fix a DLL error is not a good idea, and will not solve the computer's problem internally.

Sfc /scannow rarely helps

A user from Texas faced a lot of issues with missing DLL files, as soon as he switched on his computer, he got the dll error saying the wshelper.exe file is missing, and Windows also gave a command to reinstall the program to fix it. Before this problem occurred, he had made some changes on his computer. He tried a lot of things like uninstalling/reinstalling the program, using Sfc/scannow, running DISM and clean booting his system. Apart from this, he also scanned his PC for virus and malware. Sadly, all these efforts went in vain and he could not find the Windows 7 missing DLL files.

Many users opt for Sfc /scannow when they encounter a problem of missing DLLs. Sfc /scannow is built in the operating system and usually checks for any kind of corruption inside the computer. It scans the integrity of all the system files of the operating system and replaces the damaged ones. Sometimes, this method can fail and if the damage or corruption caused to the DLL files are unexplainable, then the Sfc /scannow fails to replace it and reverse the damage. A user from South London faced this exact problem with his desktop. On starting up his system, errors messages like CBSCreateVC.dll, DAQExp.dll and CBSProductsInfo.dll would pop up on his screen. He tried Sfc /scannow a million times, but it didn't help him.

Problem in starting up certain programs

A resident of Missouri also faced issues with certain DLL files. She was experiencing an error whenever she tried to run a command to fix the installation of Windows 7. She would be greeted by an error which said, rundll32.exe pnpclean.dll, RunDLL_PnpClean/ DRIVERS/ MAXCLEAN. She also received an additional error message which said that there was a problem while starting pnpclean.dll and the specified module couldn't be found anywhere. She tried installing several registry cleaners, but they not only failed to fix the problem 'DLL not found Windows 7', but also asked for a lot of money to fix the .dll missing Windows 7. In the end, all her money went to waste and the error still appeared on her PC.

A user from New Zealand faced similar issues. He was manually cleaning up his desktop and deleting files which he didn't require. When he rebooted his system, he got a message which said, WINNET.dll was not found. He again tried rebooting it in safe mode and got the same error message. Whenever his desktop screen appeared after startup, it was blank and no icons were displayed. He had to open the task manager and log out, so that the rebooting process can be completed. He tried downloading the WINNET.dll file from an unknown site to a flash driver, but sadly his efforts went in vain and he couldn't find or replace this Windows 7 DLL missing.

Installing programs through installation disks does not work

A resident from South America complained of a missing DLL problem few months back. She was missing quite a few DLL files which were preventing the program called Evidence Eliminator from working on her Windows 7 desktop. She had no restore point or image backup that would recover those files. She tried upgrading her Windows, but after doing that, she encountered a lot of start-up errors. She also tried buying an installation disk to install Evidence Eliminator, but even that did not fix her problem from its root.

Another user couldn't fix the problem occurring on his brand new Lenovo Ideapad Flex 4 which had the latest version of Windows installed in it. On starting up his system, he would get the following error message saying, Quicksetting.exe - system error, weather.dll cannot be found. Windows also suggested him to reinstall the program to fix this problem. He tried a lot of solutions like running sfc /scannow, DISM, clean booting and updating Windows. He also performed virus and malware scans with the help of Norton Internet Security, but nothing seemed to help him fix the DLL missing Windows 7.

How to find and replace missing DLLs?

Many users try a lot of ways to replace DLL files missing Windows 7, and after they don't succeed in it, they stop trying to look for other measures. It is essential to install DLL Suite to fix DLL is missing Windows 7.

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