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How can you eliminate kernel32.dll issues from Windows?

Ever wondered about what could be the consequences if any important file goes missing from the dynamic link library? Are you aware of the instances that may obstruct you from completing your important job? While talking about significant DLL files, kernel32 dll is one such file, which if goes corrupted or missing can cause serious issues. Highlighting about some of the scenarios that are associated with kernel32.dll file, this article would be helpful to provide the necessary information.

Problem installing Microsoft Office Suite:

While working on Microsoft Office 2013, you may experience certain problems. To be more specific, the issue comes up when you try to install Microsoft Office Suite. As you keep getting error message, it can be assumed that some system file may be at conflict with the installation of Microsoft Office package. Corresponding to the details of the error message, it says that the procedure entry point for K32GetImageFileNameW cannot be found in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.DLL. On the Windows Vista installed system that you use, when after repeated attempts, you are unable to install the office suite, it can be anticipated that the Microsoft Office Suite is not compatible to run on the version of the operating system. So, if you are anxious about how to fix kernel32 dll error, this article would definitely be of some help for you.

App crash incidents:

On a Windows Vista Ultimate installed system HP Envy laptop, it can be the situation that you are unable to play your favorite games. You have successfully installed the game 'Call of Duty: Black Ops II' in the system, but in the middle of playing the same, you encounter app crash incident. When checked through the details of error, it has been found that t6sp.exe file has become corrupted within the faulty KERNEL32.DLL module. Only if the issue is confined to the game, then you can try opting for the option of reinstalling the game.

Other than the above, you can try the sfc/scannow command but still not able to get rid of the situation. However, if you still not know about how to eradicate problems by kernel32 dll file, then you should deploy some suitable tool.

This application crash incident can also erupt when you try to access Internet Explorer 9 on a Windows 7 installed HP Pavilion laptop. This sporadically occurring crash incident with the web application can be frustrating enough if you do not know about how to fix issues by dll kernel32 file. The problems become prominent when you try to reload any web page or try to open any tab or window in the application. At this point, an error message pops up and then suddenly the program terminates. You can also try to run the program by uninstalling the add-ins but still fail to remove the issue.

Windows Media Player issue:

Playing any mp3 format file can be a troublesome job. While you try to play the files using Windows Media Player 11 on a Windows 10 Technical Preview installed Acer Aspire laptop, you may come across certain obstacles. Until the app crash incident, all files could be played easily in the program. But suddenly it stops working with the error message describing that wmplayer.exe file has become corrupted within the faulty kernel32.dll module. You can run the System File Checker utility to fix any corrupted file issue in the system but still fail to succeed. The situation has come up after you have installed some Microsoft Updates. Moreover, you can also try to re-register the faulty DLL file but still not able to rectify the issue. Therefore, knowing about how to eliminate problems pertaining kernel32 dll, you will be able to reduce the risks.

Windows Update issue:

It may also happen that after you install some Windows update in the system, you come across certain issues. On a Windows Vista Ultimate running Sony Vaio laptop, since installing the latest Windows update, the system refuses to function properly. Further it is notified that NTVDM.EXE file has encountered a problem and need to be terminated. So, from this scenario, it can be presumed that ntvdm.exe file has become infected within the faulty kernel32 dll module. It can be further said that during the update installation process, the mentioned files have become corrupted. So it is necessary that you should acquire knowledge about how to rectify problems from kernel32.dll file.

The ultimate solution that you can rely on:

As a way to get out of the situation on a permanent basis, you need to install DLL Suite at the earliest. The tool would be such that helps in the comprehensive use of the software.

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