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In order to fix dll errors on your computer, you should install DLL Suite.

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How can you repair dll issue?

The system may show you different types of issues. As a computer user, you may have to encounter several error messages. Some of such types of issues have been discussed in this article. You must read on in order to solve similar type of issues of your system.

Issue while installing gaming application:

You may have been using the Windows 7 operating system. You may want to install the game Battlefield 3. However, while trying to download, you may receive an error message. The error message may state that it is an incorrect file format. It may also show that the file name as isdone.dll. You may try to repair dll error by replacing the file. But, in the CMD, you may see that the module isdone.dll is loaded but the entry point was not found. It may also instruct you to ensure that the file is valid and then try again to download. You might also want to clean boot the system and try to install the game. To stop this error, you might also try to temporarily disable the antivirus on the system.

Crash of Google Chrome:

The operating system installed on your Dell Inspiron 15 3000 series might be Windows 7. You use Google Chrome to browse the internet. However, all of a sudden, you may see that the application is crashing whenever you are trying to open it. The Event Viewer of the system may show the exact reason for the issue. You may see that the module responsible for the crash of chrome.exe is ntdll.dll. It might also show the exception code is 0xc0000374 and the faulting process id is 0x490.

To fix dll issue, you may have to clean all the temporary files stored in the system. To clean the files, you will have to go to the start menu, point to all programs, select accessories, system tools and then click on disk clean-up. After this, you will have to select the drive that you want to clean. However, you may still see the issue.

Microsoft Office Excel crash:

An issue may show up while you are trying to use the application Microsoft office Excel. While trying to save any file, you may see that you are not able to save any file. You may check the event viewer to know the faulting module. The faulting module that is responsible for the crash of excel.exe might be oart.dll. You may also see that the faulting process id is 0x25ac. Such an issue might occur because of some corruption in the application. The system files may also get corrupted and therefore it may result in the application crash.

To resolve dll issue, you may have to uninstall the application and then reinstall it again. You may also try to open the application in safe mode. To open it in safe mode, you will have to press Windows key and R together and then type the command Excel /safe in the open box and press enter.

Issue after installing Windows update:

You may have to encounter some issues after you have installed some updates. The operating system installed on your system might be Windows XP Service Pack 3. After installing the available updates on the system, you may see that you are receiving two dll errors. These two dll problems may show up every time you restart the computer. You may see the errors regarding the files ksen3d3r.dll and ihaqusiw.dll. If you log into some other accounts then you may only see the ihaqusiw.dll error. Any corruption in the system may have resulted in this issue. You may have removed some malware files, but you might not have removed the entries in the registry. This issue may also show on the system because of some issues in the updates that were installed. To solve dll issue, you may conduct a System Restore before the updates were installed.

Missing files in Microsoft Office Access 2016:

You may have to encounter an issue while trying to open a Microsoft Office Access DB file (2010 version) using the 2016 version of the application. You might receive a warning message stating that the RAM Database Integration contains a missing or broken reference to the file sqlceca35.dll version 3.5. To correct dll issue, you may have to change the reference to 'Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition'. However, this process has to be carried out every time the files are opened.

What can you do?

The issue of dll files is common in every system. Every user may sometime have faced this error while using the stored applications. The system may show that the files are missing or they have become corrupted. At this point you will have to use an appropriate dll fix tool, such as DLL Suite. This dll repair tool resolves all file related errors.

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